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Littermaid Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box

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Don't waste your money.


DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS LITTER BOX. I originally bought this because I just really hate cleaning my cats litter box and I figured this would be a more convenient way to handle the situation. The Littermain Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box is EXPENSIVE. Not only is it pricey but it does not perform as advertised. The rake that goes back and forth through the litter does not perform well. It either just misses the cat feces or the feces get's stuck on the rake. Really not convenient when my original reason for buying the littler box was so I didn't have to mess with the feces. The box also takes up a lot of space. So if you live in a small apartment like I do, it's definitely best not to buy the litter box. Overall, I do not recommend the Littermaid Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box. It's WAY too expensive and does not perform as it is supposed to. It's also very big and bulky.




Big and noisy


I have had this product for 4 years. I think it is too big in general and gets in the way. has cleaned as needed. There is a feature to stop cleaning in the middle of the night because it is loud. When it cleaned, it did not do the best job as my cat likes to pee in the same place everytime. it was in the corner closest to the receptical and the machine would miss that area and then it would clump overtime like cement. We have now resorted to cleaning with the included cat litter sifter which kind of defeats the purpose. I do think that if I had multiple cats, the value of this product would be much higher for me. The plastic inserts are an additional expense and not very easy to change. I find that loose gravel pops up when you are changing them out making you want to take a shower each time you clean it. I think using a rubbermaid storage bin with a hole in it will be much better for me and my cat.


Long Beach, CA


Doesn't hold up.


I am on the fence about this box. I purchased my first one three years ago, a sandard model. It finally wearing out, and is ready to be replaced. Since I went to a multi-cat household, I purchased a ultra mega elite. The motor wore out just after a year. I purchased a second, and the same thing happened. I did break down and purchased a third, and so far has made it to the one year mark, and is still working. It seemed like the manufacturer put the same motor in both size boxes.( I conducted a post-mortem on the second box). The motor on the current box sounded different, and has a little more oomph to handle the larger "deposits". If this one holds up past the 13-month mark, I will replace the the brken small box with a bigger one.


Breinigsville, PA


Littermaid Elite is not very Elite.


I upgraded to this box once my last Littermaid stopped working. I thought there would be more power and it would be an altogether better box. However, when I removed it from the box and began to put it together, I found that I was wrong. I broke a piece the moment I tried to put it together. The cover for the receptacle has pegs on the sides that fit into the bottom part of the box. The pegs are slightly too large and the plastic lid is very thin, so when I went to insert the peg, I had to exert so much pressure that I didn't think it could go in. One side did, but the other side broke off. I was very unhappy. Then I relaized that the rake does not go down as far as the rake fromt he previous model did, so it misses even more clumps. Although there is slightly more power so that it does not get stuck as often, I still have to clean jsut as much as I did before. I actually do not turn it on anymore, although that option is nice to have if I go out of town for a night or two. And the real reason that I gave 2 starts instead of 1 is that when I scoop, I can just put the waste into the receptacle any only empty that once or twice per week rather than each time. I scoop twice per day, but I don't mid since I can just put it in the receptacle right there. Another option, that I would recommend, it getting a regular litter box and a small garbage can with a lid and just scooping into the garbage can. That might be my next plan of action. I don't recommend paying so much for something that does not do a good enough job. There are better automatic litter boxes out there.


Los Angeles, CA


Littermaid the best & most cost saving potty on planet Earth


I am so sick & tired of people refusing to follow directions, then blaming the product. If you can't be bothered to follow directions, how can you blame the product. Shame on you all... I got my first Littermaid for a blind kitten in the late 90's. I had always refused to get a litter box for in the house, I hated them, they spread disease & stink the house up. & if you get the scented litter, that is a severe health risk to both the cats & the humans in the house. I hate them.... I saw the littermaid, got it home & thought I had died & gone to heaven. You need the most tightly clumping litter possible in these brands: Fresh Step (the best), Arm & hammer, Scoop Away, & Super Scoop. I get the scent free. There are disposable containers to collect the waste, they could be expensive... so I line them with the T-shirt bags from the grocery store. I stuff the bag in the tray tuck the front & back edges of the bag & lay the handles neatly on either side, close the lid. Ta Da when it is full just lift up the handles, tie them toss the bag wherever, & stuff a new bag in the tray. Your fingers never touch anything nasty. A tray can easily last 6 mo. to a year. Even though you are buying the best litter on the market, starting from scratch The Littermaid pays for it's self in less than 1 year ! ! ! I have never emptied nor thrown out any litter, so 1 container of litter lasts several months. I just keep adding litter to replace the scooped out litter, & wipe down the Littermaid every so often with a moist towelette. My first Littermaid lasted 12 years. I immediately replaced the broken one with another Litermaid. The cats love to run & watch it rake the litter... This new one is quieter too... I took in a thrown out cat, & he actually went potty more often than the other cat when he was new... I swear, just to watch the Littermaid, he was facinated by it... The only time it gets smelly is if the cat does a smelly poop, & it hasn't been scooped yet. 10 minutes later no smell again. I also only feed the dog/cat Purina kibble. Dry food costs less, & 80+% of the food is metabolized, & 20% passes as a less smelly, smaller amount waste. Wet food is more expensive, only 50% is metabolized, & 50% passed as a more smelly, larger volume waste. I can't tell you how many people were shocked to see the cat, because there is NO cat smell in my house. & they had walked by the Littermaid several time & never knew it was there.


Epsom, NH


Great idea, poor quality


As an owner of two cats, as well as a dog and being the mother of two children, I'm always looking for something to make my life easier.  The Littermaid self-cleaning litterbox seemed like a great idea and it was...for a while.  First, the positives.  It was very easy to set up.  The cats had no problem adjusting to the new box.  It did a good job of raking the clumps of litter into the tray and the laundry room were it was set up was left smelling fresh because the used litter was regularly cleaned up.  Now, the negatives.  Sometimes it would take the clumped litter too much on one side or another so that when it was dumped in the plastic container it stacked up and ended up propping open the lid.  This led to horrible odors from several day's worth of litter because out in the open.  The clumped litter had a tendency to get stuck in the prongs of the rake and I would end up with the same odor problems.  My biggest issue, though, was that after only a year of us it broke.  There is no repair service so I had a very expensive non-automatic litterbox on my hands.  For the amount of money the box cost, I expected greater longevity.  What we have here is a great idea with poor execution.


Loveland, OH


Littermaid Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box is Ok


Littermaid Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box isn't as good a product as I was hoping. Let me explain. I have eight cats and a few different litter boxes, but was interested to add a new one. I thought an automatic box was the answer. I bought the Littermaid Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box hoping it would help me do less litter cleaning work. I put it together and added litter and turned it on. One of my larger cats immeadiately got into the box and tried it out. First thing I saw as that litter went flying all over the floor with this first use. The sides aren't high enough. It made a mess all over the floor. I proceeded to clean the mess, empty and clean the litter box, take it apart and put it back in the box, and return it to the store. If the first use made such a big mess, I knew that constant use was going to be a disaster. After taking the box back I realized that another drawback is that without manual cleaning, I can't see if a cat if sick. You can many times find out your cat is sick by seeing what they leave in the box. I don't recommend this box.


Grand Blanc, MI


Littermaid Elite Litter Box is not worth the money


Tired of having to clean the litter box constantly with 2 cats, I bought this litter box hoping to have one less chore to worry about.  I was seriously disappointed.  It's incredibly loud.  Even throwing it in the downstairs bathroom, I was still woken up by it at night... all the way upstairs.  The blade had a tendency to get jammed, and would continue to go back and forth until someone unplugged it.  Keeping it from getting jammed was nearly impossible.  The blade would push clumps up against the back wall of the box, preventing it from being able to go back to it's docking area.  The litter collecting boxes don't hold much waste.  I felt like I was replacing them constantly and wasting a great deal of money.  The design was also poorly thought out.  Within a month of me setting it up, one of my cats peed on the motor and killed it.  The sweeping blades haven't worked since.  Now it's just a really pricey regular old litter box, and I'm still having to scoop it out by hand.


Saint Paul Park, MN


Litter box that makes it easier


I bought this litter box over a year ago and it did a very good job. I have stopped using it now, but it is not the machines fault. Its my cats fault. When I first got the litter box everything was going great for about 6 months. The cats took to it pretty quick. Especially after realizing the it was kept clean for them everytime they had to go. They are very picky cats and love a very clean litter box. But then all of the sudden they decided to start peeing in the corner of the box up by the rake so the rake could not get down far enough to rake it so it never would clean the box. Finally it just got annoying because when we were gone alot it would always just try and try and eventually the motor started sounding weak. So, I gave up and just went back to the old scooping. But one thing about these that would get expensive is the litter trays, so I bought some little plastic bags in them and they were reusable then. Also, the litter box did not seem to be noisy at all.


Langley, OK


Littermaid Elite AutoMatic Cleaning Litter Box was a pain


I did not like the Littermaid Elite AutoMatic Cleaning Litter Box. After much consideration, I decided to spend the money on this product. My cat did use it. However, because my cat would urinate in the far corner of the pan, it would cause the rake to get stuck. The rake would hit the "clump", stop, back up, restart, hit the clump, stop, back up....several times. Finally it would just give up. This made it necessary for me to remove the clump manually by scooping. What is the point of this machine if I am still scooping? At this point it was just a very expensive litter pan. It would remove the solid waste without any problems as long as there was no urine clumps to cause it to hang up. I suppose if your cat does all of its business in the middle of the box you would have no problems with it hanging up. Also, the unit was very noisy since it was going back and forth over and over each time. I finally gave up on this product and went back to a regular litter box.


Houston, TX


Littermaid Elite Automatic Cleaning Litter Box

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