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VRUIT Carrot Apple Juice

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Vegetables plus fruit= VRUIT juice, a staple in my house!


As weird as it sounds, I am a big fan of carrot apple juice. As a teenager, we always had fresh juice around and I became hooked and have been ever since. (Thanks Mom for caring about our food and diet habits!) With two small toddlers at home, I am always trying to get my kids to eat healthy. And, of course, I push fruits and veggies. On a trip to Whole Foods last year, I got reacquanited with VRUIT. I recall my Mom buying me some when I was pregnant (she is a total health fanatic) and I hated it. I think she bought me some weird combos-- or my hormones overtook my body and didnt allow me to like something that I normally would! Needless to say, now that I am "regular" again, I like it. And, my kids LOVE IT! Okay, my kids might just have the mommy weird gene, but we all like the carrot apple version. We dilute it with a bit with water and they suck it down. VRUIT also comes in juice boxes-- but be forewarned, they are not the normal small size-- they have several extra ounces. (and they tend to squirt when you put the straw in.)  Also, if you are used to drinking fresh juice (meaning, use a juicer to grind carrots and apples) you will be surprised at how smooth this is with no pulp. VRUIT is a great way to get in a new kind of juice in and also squeeze in some veggies. I say start 'em young to appreciate all that the world of fruits and veggies have to offer!

Chicago, IL


VRUIT Carrot Apple Juice

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