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Florida's Natural
Florida's Natural Orange Juice with Calcium &Vitamin D

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My favorite orange juice!


I am in love with this juice. I prefer it over any brand and I get it as often as I can. I can drink a full carton in a day. I wish I could find them in convenient smaller bottles but the stores around my area don't provide them. The taste is so fresh and if you compare it to other orange juice brands (besides tropicana) you can taste a major difference. The taste is so real and not like there are other added ingredients. The taste is about as natural as it can get. Tropicana, in my opinion is a little tangier but still a second favorite. I love that this juice is not from concentrate. I drink it on its own or mix it in with frozen/fresh fruit to make fruit drinks. It's super refreshing on a hot day and there are so many different varieties if you want something other than orange. The price for these cartons are of course a little higher than other brands, BUT it is much much healthier and way worth the price. If you've tasted Florida's Natural and the difference, then you know.




Florida's Natural Orange Juice


I have purchased this prange juice several times and the taste definitely does remind me of Florida's natural taster of orange juice. One thought that comes to my mind is when we have driven down to Florida ad stopped by the visitor's center and they offer you a sample of fresh squeezed orange juice. Well, to be very honest this container tastes extremely close to their fresh they offer. I also like thos one as they add additional important Calcium and vitamin D to theirs. Many people don't realize how important these two vitamins actually are for you. I love the flavor as I do use this one to do my cooking especially holiday time cooking with. some of my recipes call for orange juice and wow what a difference this juice makes your food and desserts taste. I even take an ice cube tray, fill it, and freeze the juice into cubes and then pop the tray into a freezer bag as if I don't have juice on hand I can easly pop a few cubes out and have it ready as well as they cubes are great to add to punches and specialty drinks. You can become extremely creative using this juice.


freehold, NJ


Florida's Natural Orange Juice with Calcium & VitaminD is Tasty


My doctor told me I had to take more Vitamin D and Calcium since I have reached menopause. This is a very tasty way to get those extra vitamins. I refuse to buy any orange juice that is made from concentrate as my husband won't drink it. Florida's Natural is one of the few brands in the store where I shop that meet this criteria. I have been buying it for several years and am very happy with it.


Willoughby, OH


Healthy, fresh, pure orange juice with added benefits.


Florida's Natural Premium Orange juice is squeezed from fresh oranges, not from concentrate and has Calcium and Vitamin D added. It is especially good for women past menopause. No need to take calcium and vitamin D supplements if you drink this orange juice. Can get it with or without pulp.


Kenner, LA


Florida's Natural Orange Juice is a household favorite!


I am not a fan of orange juices that are made from concentrate, so any time an orange juice is advertised as being fresh from the fruit, I have to try it. Florida's Natural Orange Juice did not disappoint. It's very fresh tasting with just the right amount of sweetness, not sour like those from concentrate. Great juice! My daughter loves it too!


Orem, UT


The best orange juice-and I've tried them all


Our family likes to have the occasional glass of orange juice with breakfast, but we are incredibly picky. The kids want great tasting (they can smell a concentrate a mile away, LOL) and I want added calcium. They were ok with Minute Maid until they had Florida's Natural. Now they won't go back. The flavor of Florida's Natural is so fresh and vibrant, even when eaten with something sweet like a coffee cake, it doesn't taste sour (unlike most other orange juices). It is a little pricier than some of the other orange juices, but I've decided that since we don't drink a lot of it (about half a gallon a month) that I can spend the extra fifty or seventy-five cents to get the good stuff. Just a side note on calcium fortified juice... calcium supplements are absorbed by the body more efficiently if taken in conjunction with vitamin C. So, buy drinking calcium fortified orange juice, your body is more readily absorbing the calcium-even more so than drinking milk.


Jefferson City, MO




Floridas Natural Orange juice is the next best thing to picking your own oranges.NO ! I'm not biased because I live in Florida and have my own Orange trees.When my trees are out of season I buy Floridas Natural. It is the only Orange Juice that I will purchase because of the TASTE. Most juices are made from a concentrate and sometimes has a bitter or strong taste. Floridas Natural brand Juice tastes just like the fresh oranges I pick and squeeze to make at home.Some folks have a problem with the word NATURAL (even the FDA) but this productis as pure and natural that you can get without growing your own.If you are one of the rare people that do not like Orange Juice perhaps it is becauseyou have never tasted REAL-NATURAL-ORANGE JUICE.Give it a taste test. It is a bit more expensive that other orange juices but the BEST ofany product usually does cost more.


Deland, FL


Great flavor, great price!


Florida's Natural has a great taste. I have tried other orange juice that has Vitamin D and Calcium added to it - it was horrible. Florida's Natural tastes fresh squeezed. I like the fact that it is not from concentrate. I appreciate that they use carton instead of plastic.  But the carton will leak if it is mishandled in anyway; it is not as durable as plastic. Small price to pay to avoid the poisons leeched into sauces and liquids that are stored in plastic.  Also, the juice is always on sale and they have coupons all of the time.  Florida's Natural also comes in a variety of other styles: Pulp, Pulp Free, Grapefruit, etc.  This orange juice does not taste watered down like the orange juices that are made from concentrate. Florida's Natural is great for where I'm from being that it is made from Florida and that is my resident state. Florida's Natural may want to try an organic option for healthier drinkers.


Altamonte Springs, FL


Florida's Natural Orange Juice with Calcium &Vitamin D

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