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Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender with 4-port WiFi Adapter

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The Netgear 2500 Extender did not work


We had houseguests coming and needed good wifi throughout the house. The bedrooms are in the back and the base wireless router was in the front. The kitchen, with its metal appliances was in between. So, I was looking for an extender to increase the range. The base router was a netgear, so I thought the Netgear 2500 extender would be compatible. To make a long story short, it worked for a couple of weeks and then started dropping.the connection. I rebooted and reseeted and reinstalled the extender but the drops were increasing. A call to customer service resulted in a 20 minute hold and then the tech said that if resetting and rebooting didn't work, the unit had to be returned. So, I did. Performance worked well for a couple of weeks, degraded and then didn't work at all Durability stopped working after a couple of weeks. That's not durable. Setup & Ease of Use setup was ok, although I found tio curious that the unit would not auto connect to the base router which was also a netgear product. Service & Support a 20 minute hold to be told to send the unit back.


Skokie, IL


Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender with 4-port WiFi Adapter

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