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Unisys Check Scanner

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Remote Deposit Merchant Capture from Unilink is a lifesaver


A am a purchasing agent for a community bank in North Carolina. We have been struggling with reselling Remote Deposit Merchant Capture check scanners to our customers. Our tellers do not understand how the technology works, and we had no way of demonstrating the products to our merchant customers. We know the ability to offer Remote Deposit services are the future of banking, and it was very frustrating trying to explain this to ur customers. It was frustrating until we found www.unilinkinc.com ... with Unilink, we are able to purchase Unisys, Panini, Digital Check, Canon, RDM and many more check scanners, as well as other financial equipment such as check joggers, teller receipt printers, signature pads at a significantly competetive rate, and they help us sell to our Merchant customers! They developed a custom branded video with our bank's logo which clearly demonstrates RDMC and basically does the job of selling the Check Scanners for us. They also created a custom e-commerce platform for us, which also has our bank's logo and information so our Merchant customers can purchase the equipment we are reselling directly. Unilink then shares the profits with us! I highly recommend both www.unilinkinc.com and in this case Unisys Check Scanners.

Charlotte, NC


Unisys Check Scanner

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