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HP Scanjet 4370 Flatbed Photo Scanner

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My Hewlett Packard Scanjet is my home office printer


Now I am not a computer junkie and I am not the first to buy any new electronic item on the market so I am probably the last one in the world to purchase a scanner and I am sorry I waited so long.  This scanner works great and I really like it.  The thing I like lmost about it is that it is very easy to use and anyone with limited computer knowledge can use it.  It's like having my own personal printer in my home and it's great!  I would recommend this scanner to anyone who needs one because this one works really great and it is compatible with my computer and printer, which is a plus! 

Tulsa, OK


You have got to try it


I absolutely love this scanner. I couldn't ask for a better one! I have never had any problems with it. I would think that it would have blown up by now because of how much use I get out of it, but no! It's been awesome!

Grayling, MI


Works for Me


HP's 4370 Flatbed Scanner works pretty well.  I have never had a problem with it.  The pictures are reproduced crisp & clear.  I do note that the glass is hard to keep clean, but I think that is true of any scanner glass.  I would recommend it.

Rosharon, TX


An affordable option if you want a good photo scanner.


Hewlett-Packard has presented a very affordable option to the public with their HP Scanjet 4370 Photo Scanner. A flatbed scanner that will sit comfortably on the desk top, it is capable of scanning printed text, pictures, or photographic negatives. The size of the device is about 18.5 inches long by about 11.7 inches wide, so it will take up a little space, but the trade-off is that it is very easy to use. Right out of the box, it is simple to set up the scanner using the step-by-step instructions on the setup poster from the box. After installing the HP Image Zone Software (Included with scanner), you will have the ability to perform scans using both an icon on the desktop and front panel buttons on the scanner itself. These four buttons allow the user to scan documents, scan film, copy documents, or scan-to-share with a simple press of that front panel. This gives you a quick option, but it is always recommended to use the HP Solution Center (through the icon), because that gives you more control over the scan. Rather than jumping straight into the scanning process, you are able to show a preview of your document or photograph to decide if you have the angle set up correctly, or to see if you like how it was placed on the glass. To scan 35 mm slides or negatives, they also provide a little holder inside the lid where you can have them held in place for an easier scan. The whole process of completing the scans are quite easy, and the processes are outlined in the user's manual. Though the scanner has multiple functions and is easy to use, it is frustrating at times because the lamp is slow to warm-up. It also takes a longer time to scan a photograph or negative than just text, and that wait can really slow down your use. The HP Scanjet 4370 is an affordable option, but it comes with the give-and-take of being very slow to operate.   **The Specs:** 1. Scans Film, Slides, and Printed Documents 2. Lightweight at Only 6.8 Pounds 3. Compatible On PC and MAC Systems 4. Supports Media Size of 8.6 in x 11.8 in 5. Optical Resolution of 3600 dpi x 7200 dpi 6. 48-Bit Color Depth 7. Front Panel Buttons (Scan, Scan Film, Copy, Scane to Share)   **My Final ViewPoint:** The HP Scanjet 4370 is a very inexpensive option in the market, but with that affordability comes the downside of it being slow to both warm-up or scan photographs. For normal text scans this scanner could suffice for most users, but that puts it in a niche in regards to what the device can do for its purchaser. It can be very easy to set-up and use by nearly everyone, but its slowness will try the patience of anyone that wants quick satisfaction.

Spokane, WA


HP Scanjet 4370 Flatbed Photo Scanner

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