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Unbreakable Unbreakable Comb

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I love my Unbreakable Comb!


The Unbreakable Comb is my favorite comb ever! It really does not break - unless that is your only goal, I guess. The comb picks might bend, but they do not break off like other combs' teeth will. I once had one for over 10 years and the only reason I threw it out is because mine had been chewed on by a dog. But it still took me over a year to finally get another and mine was useable! I tried several other types of combs and was not happy with them. The teeth in the unbreakable combs get down to my scalp but are not sharp so they do not scratch my scalp. And I feel as though it really gets through my hair. I can make nice parts, separate out my hair, and detangle if needed. It is a black comb and is not cutsie or pretty by any means. It looks like a comb that belongs in the pack pocket of some teenage boy in the 50's. But it works better than anything else, which I know sounds strange to say about a comb. I am never left with a feeling that my hair still needs attention as has happened with other combs in the past, and tangles are always addressed. I don't think I will ever switch to a different comb.


Los Angeles, CA


Unbreakable Unbreakable Comb

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