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Umcka Children's Homeopathic Cold Care Medicine

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Safe, tasty, easy to use, extremely effective


I actually first discovered this product when my cat had a cold that hung on and on -- I gave her some twice, and her cold was gone.  Since then, my family uses both the children's and adult versions.  It is safe, has no dangerous ingredients, and extremely effective and economical.

Kahului, HI


Love this Umcka Cold Medicine!


I first came across this Umcka Children's Homeopathic Cold Care Medicine when I was at a natural food store trying to get something natural and safe for my daughter.And I gotta say,I was quite impressed on how well and effective it was. My daughter didn't complain about the taste of it,which is sometimes an issue with cold medicines. I was very impressed with the good ,natural ingredients. I like that I don't have to worry about it being harmful in anyway to my daughter's health and that it naturally helps her immune system to be able to fight off whatever is invading her body.She was better a few hours after taking and I noticed that the duration of her cold was shorter than most times.I actually bought myself they adult version of this product and it worked well also.

Draper, UT


Umcka Children's Homeopathic Cold Care Medicine

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