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Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops

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Motrin Infant Drops works. PERIOD!


I have two children. A 3 year old and a 3 month old. They both as babies ran 104.5 or higher fever. We would use Tylenol brand infant drops to reduce the fever. It never broke the fever or anything. Desperate for anything to work, I was in tears. So a friend told us to try Motrin Infant Drops. It worked! I felt relieved after using it. Knowing my babies and I could get a good nights rest. Now when they have fever I try Motrin first. It always works the first time. No need to panic or rush to the ER ANYMORE!


Heidelberg, MS


Best pain killer for teething baby!


We were first told when we had our baby that teething was going to be difficult. They weren't kidding, at least with ours, yikes. We tried Tylenol at first because it is supposed to be easier on tummies. It may have been easier on his tummy but it sure didn't help with the pain. He was gnawing on anything he could find, had his finger in his mouth constantly and drooling, poor thing. So then we decided to try Motrin, but of course we wanted the dye free one and for it to taste good because we were afraid he wouldn't take it. We gave it to him and I swear it worked within 15 minutes! The wonderful thing is that both my husband and I can sleep better because we don't have to get up with him because it lasts for 8 hours! YAY sleep! The only problem was a while ago there were plastic bits found in some of these name brand pain killers for infants and were off the shelves for a really long time.


Eugene, OR


Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops are important here


I keep Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops in my medicine cabinet for my littlest one. It is what helps to reduce his fevers quickly and helps him sleep easier when he is teething or sick. I have tried tylenol with him and while it works it doesn't seem to work as well or as long as the infants' motrin does. I have actually had occassion to use it on him this week. Everyone of my 3 boys have been sick and running fevers, and since my youngest isn't 2 yet I can't give him what the others use. He has been quiet and somewhat cheerful even while running a fever while he has been on the infants' motrin. He gets restless and whiny when it wears off. It really has kept his fever down and allowed him the rest he needs to get feeling better. I am greatful to the makers of this for such a great product. The only thing that helps me knowing he is sick is knowing that he is not in pain or miserable thanks to this medicine.


Danville, VA


Safe and Effective - Motrin Infants Concentrated drops


The title says it ALL - I feel safe and secure giving this medication to my kids. It has years of proven success, a brand we trust and it is effective for controlling minor pain and fevers! My ONLY complaint would be the delivery method. I WISH instead of a seperate dropper it would have a screw on top that has the dropper built into the lid. These types are easier to dose properly and MUCH easier to administer to your child in my experience.


Pensacola, FL


Infants motrin works great!


I have purchased and used the infants motrin concentrated drops for some time now and I have been very satisfied with this product. It definitely has helped relieve pain and fever in my babies. The infants motrin does work fast in relieving the pain or fever and it is great because it lasts longer than some of the other brands out there. My pediatrician recommended that I give my baby the infants motrin when it was needed and one of the reasons was because it works better than some of the other brands out there and because it lasts longer so it is especially helpful if you child needed this type of medicine at night to give the infants motrin since it will last longer through out the night time and your child will not have to be disturbed to take more medicine or awaken by the pain or discomfort. It seems to have a good taste because my babies have never had an issue taking the infants motrin and they do not make a face like it has a bad taste so I guess I just assumed it must taste pretty good and it also has a pleasant smell so it should taste good to I think.


Metairie, LA


Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops are Concentrated Bliss!


I value Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops because it works fast! I also think that Babies need this more so than Tylenol after getting a very painful shot because it is in my personal opinion, indeed the best thing for pain relief. In addition, I personally think that Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops is extremlly effective for reducing baby's fever. These drops have been just thing that my grandchildren have needed when having a high-grade fever or after a painful shot. However, these drops are extremely expensive and a bottle doesn't last many doses. I would recommend that the drops are used for more painful occurrence's such as those mentioned above so that they last longer. I keep both infants' Tylenol and Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops on hand because I like user the Tylenol for minor pain and fevers and the Mortin Infants' Concentrated Drops for the major aches and pains. My grand-daughter's pediatrician actually recommended these concentrated drops over infants' Tylenol for pain relief after immunizations.


Kingman, AZ


Best medicine for a fever


Motrin Infant Drops is a medicine that I try to always keep on hand for our children.  When your child becomes sick, especially with a fever, you try to do anything to make them feel better.  Motrin drops seem to be the most effective way to reduce a fever in our children.  Our children actually love the taste of the motrin drops and become very excited when we say, "It's time for your medicine!"  The dropper is easy to use to accurately measure the correct dose for the child's age/weight.  And since the dropper screws back on the bottle inside the lid, you don't have to search for a measuring spoon when you need to give a dose of medicine.  Motrin has proven to be much more effective than tylenol in our house and keeps the fever down longer.  It is a little pricey, but paired with a sale it is worth the money.  Of course, motrin is not safe for children under 6 months of age and you should always follow the directions and check with your doctor for any dosage questions.  


Olive Branch, MS


Motrin is the best pain and fever reliever available for babies!


There are few things that grip a parent's heart as tightly as an unwell child. Or worse, an unwell baby! As a former nurse in the pediatric area of the local hospital, after I became pregnant, I started taking careful notes of what was the best and most prescribed pain reliever for children and babies. Most physicians would rotate Tylenol and Motrin for fever relief. The RN was to start a dose of one med and then three hours later the other med. But when it comes to pain relief, Motrin was the real winner. Here's why:   1. It gives up to 8 hours of relief compared to only 6 hours of Tylenol.   2. NSAID: Motrin is a category of drugs that are known as Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). So not only is it...   3. A very effective fever reducer....   4. AND pain reliever, but it also helps control swelling. After my 2nd baby was born and I took a sabbatical from the RN field, most physicians had made a move of preferring Motrin over other pediatric pain relievers.Of course I still keep Tylenol in the house because it's still recommended to rotate them for effective pain & fever relief, but I always start with Motrin and make sure that the Motrin dose is given at bedtime. So we all sleep better!


Waterboro, ME


Motrin Infant Drops kicks fever butt!


No one wants a sick baby, it's so scary when they get a fever. My son's very first cold was a bad one. I felt so bad for him. I know when I get sick I'm completely miserable and I can blow my nose and say where I'm hurting. So I could only imagine how horrible my poor baby felt. I have used motrin for years to get rid of fevers so I trusted the brand for my son. It came highly recommended by friends and family in the first place. My son didn't have any problem taking it, so I guess it tastes pretty good. Within about half an hour he seemed to be gettting some relief and after an hour his fever was gone. He was finally able to feel and act a bit more normal. He was playing again and his appetite was much better. I would recommend this to any of the moms who want fast, safe fever relief and comfort for their babies. It works really well when babies have discomfort due to teething as well. I highly recommend this product to mommies who want to quickly nip a fever in the bud.


Opa Locka, FL


Quicker fever reducer equals quicker peace of mind


There is absolutely no worse feeling in the world than when your child is sick and you do not know what to do.  With illness often comes fevers, and with little ones, this can really be scary for parents, both new and experienced alike.  Over the years, we have tried several different pain relievers and fever reducers for our children, and I have found that we are always coming back to Motrin.  It has always worked much faster and far more efficiently at reducing fevers in our little ones, which is a real relief for a worried parent.  The dropper that these Motrin drops come with is very easy to read and very simple to use.  There is no worry of getting an incorrect dose to your child.  I would definitely recommend keeping these on hand for those late nights or weekend when your child awakes in the middle of the night with an unexpected fever.  These drops will quickly reduce it, relive the child's discomfort, and give you piece of mind.


High Ridge, MO


Motrin Infants' Concentrated Drops

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