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Ulu Knife

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Everyone needs an Ulu Knife!


We received an Ulu Knife as a gift for watching a neighbors house when they went on a cruise to Alaska.  It is an Alaskan knife, used by the natives to skin animals, cut food and many other uses.  We weren't sure what it was or how to use it, but thanked them.Since then, we have found ourselves turning to the Ulu Knife for any and every cutting job in the kitchen.  It is so easy, practical and fun to use.

Colorado Springs, CO


The Ulu knife is a favorite at our house!


the ulu knife is a traditional Alaskan knife. The blade is curved and the handle is at the top, allowing your hand to wrap around it easily. It can be used in your right or left hand. Our knife came with a concave cutting board that allows the knife to rock back and forth over the food we're cutting. I do highly recommend this kind of set as it keeps the food together while it's being prepared, but if you are only able to find the knife on it's own... it is still a GREAT knife. The blade stays sharp for a long time. It quickly and easily cuts through juts about anything. I use mine most for dicing or chopping vegetables, but traditionally they are used for meats as well. The knife is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The handle is very secure and sized well for both my hand (smaller) and my husband's (larger). It is not a knife for kids to help with when they are just learning knife skills, but as they learn the basics, they can easily move into using this one as well.

Carey, OH


Ulu Knife

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