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Ulta Tinted Self Tanning Gel

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Not a fan


I tried this self tanner because it was more affordable then the others and wanted to give it a try. This stuff is orange and I mean orange when you apply it. It's hard to get a smooth even layer and it streaks very easily. It's hard to get off your hands and in from in between your fingers even if you wash them right away after applying. I would never use this on you face because you would look like an umpaloompa (spelling?). It does not look natural at all. I was less than impressed. Ease of Application Hard to get off your hands after application and even harder to get an even application on you body. It looks uneven and you end up with lines and streaks all over your entire body. Scent Not that bad but definitely has a very strong scent. Longevity This stuff stays and I mean stays on you. I tried everything in the book to get this off of my hands and legs after I realized how messy and streaky it was and it was impossible to get off. I had to wait until it came off on its own which took about four days and multiple showers. It also came off very uneven making me look even more ridiculous.



As good as pricy brands


I have used most every sunless product I've encountered. When I found that ULTA had their own line of sunless tanners, I was excited to try them. I bought this gel and also a spray. They worked great, I don't prefer one over the other. I guess I like the gel for my face and chest. The airbrush was great for legs. Went on evenly and is slightly tinted. You can tell where it has been applied. I prefer to use it at night. Effectiveness Works quickly(4 hours) I put it on at night and shower it off in the morning. Ease of Application Goes on super easy. Remember to wash your hands. Scent The only draw back. But they all smell eventually. It's part of the reaction that tans the skin. Longevity As good as any self tanner. 5 days or so.

Muskegon, MI


Streak and Orange Free Self Tanner


I actually bought the ULTA Self Tanner because they were out of another product I wanted to try. Then, I fell in love with the ULTA self-tanner. This is the best self-tanning product that I have ever used. I think it may be so great because it is a gel so it blends in very easily.  I have never had streaks or orange spots from using thsi product. It is super easy to apply on yourself without the help of your husband. There are two levels light to medium and medium to deep.  I started with one bottle of the light just to get some gradual color build up and then I progressed to the medium deep shade which is definitely darker. I love this product and have since purchased more. And, ULTA is always having sales so it is very affordable.

Tulsa, OK


Ulta Tinted Self Tanning Gel

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