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Turtle Wax
Turtle Wax Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

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Actually makes leather look new!


I used the Turtle Wax leather cleaner and conditioner on a leather top to a Miata that had been sitting out for two years. It cleaned all of the dirt off and made the top look like new. I also used it to clean the front seats and it did magic. They look brand new.



Leather cleaner and conditioner(TurtleWax) where have you been"


   Where have you been all my Life" that how i love the Leather cleanerTurtle wax I remember my leather boots, my leather upholsterery car seats and recently my leather chairs, I try several cleaning solution, but could never grasps the one that meet my needs , until my friend introduce me to the turtle wax, love the fragance, it non greasy, it give the thirsty leather a new look, protects against the hot weather season, and most of all it help your leather from fading, drying or cracking, Leather cleaner conditioner nourishes and moisturizes your old fading and cracking leather. it's available at most  gas station where cars supplies are sold....

Brooklyn, NY


Turtle Wax Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

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