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Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Super Easy and Amazing


I love how it works on almost any surface and stain/mark/scuff/ect. Ive used it at every job I've had.

Palm Coast, Fl


Wonderful Product


I always have this product on hand! It tackles the toughest stuff. I have been able to remove marker, halloween hair dye, food and wine stains, koolaid stains from the counter top. The possibilities are endless. One caution to this product, it is powerful so you might want to stay away from painter or stained surfaces. It could remove it and damage the surface. Stick to things like countertops, bathtubs, sinks etc. You can remove crayon and marker from wall surfaces pretty quickly so it usually does not affect the paint but I have had to so some touch ups a couple of times, especially on darker wall colors.

Little Rock, Ar


Tough product for tough cleaning jobs


This sponge packs a punch in removing stubborn stains. All you need to do is dab it in a little bit of water and you are ready to get rid of tough stains or dirt. A great tip is to use it to remove stains that you may find on your walls left by accidentally smudging it with objects such as luggage. It will come right off. Use it gently and carefully. If you rub it too strong it may be possible to remove some paint off the wall. Great tool to use throughout the house.



This product is worthless


I have tried this product on several occasions with absolutely no results. I don't know that's all the hype is about but, it has not worked for me. I tried it on my stove, it was useless, I tried it on my tube, useless! I tried it on my door frames, double useless, I will not buy it any more. Save your money, what hear are lies!

West Palm Beach Florida


Poor quality


bought this after reading everything you can clean with it. wasn't even done with a very small bathroom had already used 3 of them. They were crumbling in my hand as i tried to clean the facets and glass door.

New Mexico


Absolutely love Magic Erasers!


I've used this to get the inside of my windshield cleaner. I've used it to get my sink and dishes and glasses cleaner. I've used it to get marks off the walls. It's great for all kinds of things. I will always buy these.

Rowlett, TX


Awesome Product


I have been buying Magic Erasers for years. I use them all over the house. They are great at getting off marks and stains that regular sponges and wipes can't. I even use them to clean scuff marks off of shoes.

Knoxville, TN


Love my scrubber


I use this product on my bathrooms and as well as houses I clean regularly. It gets hard water stains and also hard to remove soap scum. It does wonders for so many things it great like scuffs in shoes, marks on walls or doors, over cleaning and more.

Deltona fl




This works great



Not the best but not bad


It's easy and convenient and you don't need 2 or 3 different products to clean your shower

Gadsden AL


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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