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Tupperware RemarkaBowl Kitchen Set

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Tupperware RemakaBowl Kitchen Set Is Essential For Your Kitchen


Tupperware RemarkaBowl Kitchen Set is cute and clever. I do not know if I would call them remarkable but they are very useful. Who doesn't love Tupperware? Tupperware is so easy to use and you can use them for so many things. They are great for mixing things like cake batter, waffle batter, eggs etc. They are easy to open and close. They lock in food freshness because of the airtight sealing. They are perfect for holding cupcakes, cookies, and donuts. I love to store things in them like crafts and Christmas items. Holiday recipes were made to use these containers. They have a non-skid exterior and two-part sealing. The set has several cup capacities for cooking all the things you enjoy. They are sturdy and stable because of the way they are constructed. The set has a snap-out center section and an outer splatter guard, so when you make things or when you seal things, you won't end up with a mess. Food does not stick often to these bowls. You can mix food in these containers without splatter everywhere, making these containers a joy to use. This set of bowls is great quality at a great price. They come in a bright color that will catch many a gaze. They are dishwasher safe. Although they work well, they are a little high in price. I like to buy sets like these on sale. I give the Tupperware RemarkaBowl Kitchen Set a "7" on a scale of "1-10, and it gets 4 STARS.

Stockton, CA


A Creative Invention


I grew up surrounded by the Tupperware brand as my mother and grandmother refused to use anything else. I saw the RemarkaBowl Kitchen Set as I was browsing online and its appearance caught my eye. The set comes with three different sized bowls and I think that it was a creative idea to create a bowl that is so versatile. You can actually remove the middle and install a mixer to stir the ingredients of the bowl without having to worry about making a mess. After removing the mixer, you can place the lid on the bowl and take it wherever you need to go or pour the mixture into a baking dish. The bowls are easy to clean and Tupperware lives up to its name by creating an innovative product that is sure to last for a long time. Other than hand-washing the bowls, I have also placed them in my dishwasher and was happy to see that they held up very well and I saw no sign of damage after I took them out.

Jackson, TN


Always the Best


Tupperware has been my most favorite brand for years together and it has been the best with regards to quality and their prices have always been reasonable. When I purchase a product of Tupperware, I am sure that I have made a right choice and this product has always proved to be an asset. I had purchase this set of Tupperware bowls last year and have been using the same till date. This product was sold to me by a Tupperware representative about 2 years back and she gave me a demonstration on how to use the product and its advantages over other brands. These bowls can be used in microwaves also and they are heat resistant. There are not many colors available and so I did not have choice. The lids are strong and the bowls are air-tight containers. The price of the entire set is very reasonable and since I purchased it from a representative, she gave me a special discount and a free Tupperware bottle as well which was a bonus for me.



Tupperware RemarkaBowl Kitchen Set

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