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Tums Ultra 1000 Maximum Strength Antacid

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Fast acting


I take a daily medication for heartburn but some days I forget to take it and the I have to start taking it again but it could take 4 days or longer for it to kick in. I take tums while I am waiting or if im out and I cannot get to my medication because I carry tums in my purse. They work almost immediately and if you have not used this product I would recommend that you try it. I have server acid reflux and it works for me so I know that it could work for you too. Effectiveness I take the recommended does and then I drink a glass of water. Within a few minutes I can feel the burning in my throat go away and my stomach does not burn anymore either. Ease of Use They are small enough that I can put a few in a zip lock bag and carry them in my purse so I have them anytime I need them. Immediacy Within minutes I can feel it working. I am pleased with this product and i will continue to be a consumer of this product. I strongly recommend it



Pregnancy Lifesaver


Being pregnant is hard enough, but having constant heartburn is not a great addition.  I usually am just fine with the knock-off brand of heartburn help, but during my pregnancy, nothing was cutting it except for Tums!  Usually I enjoy their berry flavor, but for most of the time, they weren't as effective as the peppermint flavor.  I don't know if it was because of solely the flavor, or because they really had something different in their makeup, but they did the trick!  These tums really saved me while I was experiencing the worst heartburn I've ever had, for as long as I've ever had it!   The nice thing about Tums is that they are so available- you can find them anywhere, and they are not very expensive (a nice plus, is that they do have a coupon every now and then come out). And since I've had this experience, even when I'm not pregnant, I plan to continue using Tums, because I have seen how much better and faster they are at helping my heartburn than the knock-off brands I usually get.

Kaysville, UT


Cure for pregnancy heartburn!


I have never had to use any type of Antacid, prior to pregnancy. With both of my pregnancies, I have had horrible indegestion. I have to avoid certain foods and drinks, or I am in trouble. Mylanta did not do anything for my heartburn. I can take TUMS with no problems and the heartburn is GONE in a matter of minutes. I know they are safe and affordable. I can take them multiple times, without the worry of "is it safe?" I recommend TUMS to all of my pregnant friends! I love the different flavors. They almost taste like candy! I have tried the generic brands, and they taste awful, like chalk. TUMS are definitely worth a little extra! Highly recommended!

Mansfield, OH


Effective acid control...on occasion.


First off, if you're going to use Tums for acid relief, it might as well be Tums Ultras, as they're pretty weak as it is. I imagine regular Tums wouldn't stand much of a chance at relieving symptoms. I've had severe acid reflux since I was a child, so it takes a considerable amount of any alkaline product to relieve my symptoms. Tums consist almost entirely of calcium carbonate, which is, in essence, chalk. Flavored chalk. That's it. You're eating chalk, just like that one kid in third grade. Remember him? Yeah, who has the last laugh now? Luckily, chalk is extremely basic, giving it the ability to lower the PH of acids to the point of neutralization. Its probably one of the oldest stomach acid reduction and heartburn remedies on the planet. I'd advise against just ingesting regular chalk, however, as industrial chalk is probably cut with some most unplesant chemicals, bleach at least being one I know of, not to mention the taste. Tums are flavored for a reason. When it comes to the average case of acid indigestion or heartburn, taking a couple of tums after a meal can be reasonably effective. However, for those with severe or chronic acid problems like GERD, Tums probably isn't going to cut the mustard by itself without the help of a proton pump inhibitor medication like Nexium. Tums also have the added benefit of being a calcium supplement. So, for those who hate milk or happen to have lactose intolerance, its an effective means of upping calcium intake while dealing with standard cases of acid, essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Atkins, VA


Tums Ultra: Fast relief, yes, but not a long-lasting one


Since 1928, when pharmacist Jim Howe accidentally discovered TUMS® while he was fiddling around in his basement laboratory, their popularity has been boosted not only by their fast (if not long-lasting) relief of heartburn symptoms but by the cheeky "TUMS® for the Tummy" campaign of the 1950s and the *tum-tum-tum-TUMS®"* **Dragnet**-theme commercials of the 1960s. And since the big mid-1980s osteosporis scare, TUMS® has been cited in various major newspapers as an excellent source of calcium. **My Personal Experiences with TUMS®:** As laid back as I normally am, I'm not immune to the effects of stress, and with relationship woes, three hurricane scares, money worries, and my mom's illness I have had a few bouts of, if not quite heartburn, at least some increased acid in my "tummy." To combat this, I've chewed on quite a few tablets of either regular or maximum strength Ultra TUMS®. Not too many, mind you, maybe two or four a day (which is far less than the upper dosage limit of seven tablets in one 24-hour period), but just enough to keep those stomach acids from overacting and giving me an ulcer. Basically, chewing on a TUMS® tablet is really no different than chewing on a large Sweet Tarts candy. The sizes and texture are almost identical; the only difference is that TUMS® tablets aren't as sweet-and-sour and have a bit of a chalky taste (but not overly so!). As for relief of those nasty stomach symptoms, I do notice that my "tummy" calms down within five minutes of ingesting the antacid, and although it's not exactly long-lasting, I rarely need to chew on more than three a day, although when I'm bothered by something -- an argument with a friend, say, or struggling with "reviewer's block" -- I keep the TUMS® within reach. (Also, as you might expect, TUMS® Ultra takes effect a tad faster and lasts a little longer.) As noted, TUMS® (of any variety) is an excellent source of calcium; each serving of two tablets has 800 mg of the mineral (80% of the Recommended Daily Value). I try to take in most of my calcium by drinking milk and eating other dairy products, but it's reassuring, particularly to a 40-plus guy, to know TUMS® is calcium-rich. TUMS® does inhibit some medicines from working properly, so consult with your physician to see what possible interaction the antacid tablets will have with your prescription drugs. *Ingredients:* Active Ingredient: Calcium Carbonate USP 1,000 mg Inactive: Sucrose, Calcium Carbonate, Corn Starch, Talc, Mineral Oil, Natural Flavor, Sodium Polyphosphate. As with all medications, keep out of the reach of children.

Miami, FL


horrible, horrible taste, and only works for a few minutes


I picked up this product by accident when shopping for antacid, thinking that all Tums would taste and work the same. Boy, was I wrong! This product does work quickly on acid reflux; however, the problem returns within a few short minutes, requiring you to take more or move on to a stronger medicine. The taste of these antacids is what has been the worst for my family. They are horrible! Once you get up enough nerve and motivation to finally take 2 or 3 tablets, you must proceed to choke them down only to have to try to keep them down. This is absolutely horrible when you already feel terrible and then have to put this awful taste in your mouth. The only things that you can do are go brush your teeth or go get something else to eat to get rid of the taste. I would not recommend these to anyone. I will definitely be careful when choosing a bottle of Tums next time and realize that they do not all work or taste the same!

Saint Louis, MO


Tums Ultra 1000 Maximum Strength Antacid

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