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Tums Quik Pak

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Tums Quik Pak had been named correctly


I recently purchased TUMS quick paks before going on a mission trip to Haiti.  One never knows what one will encounter on these trips so I normally try to take quite a variety of items and over the counter medications with me and then leave them for the people there once it is time to go home.  I had purchased these in the past but ended up giving them away and luckily never needing them myself, so I was not sure if this next purchase was a good idea or not.  But, I did it anyway.  While there, after our meager dinner one evening, one of my group became "ill".  I gave him one of the TUMS quick packs and within a matter of minutes he reported that he was feeling significantly better.  Then later in the week I had cause to use it myself as indigestion set in (there was a significant amount of rice, beans and plantain in our diet.)  I am sold !!!!!  It worked quickly, and you did not have to chew a chalky pill.  You do, however, have to be careful to swallow it correctly.  

Jasper, IN


Great if you need it to act fast


I have severe heart burn. I normally take two doses of nexxium a day to help with my heartburn. Yesterday I forgot to take it and I was bad. We went to the carnival and got fried dough.  I normally dont eat late however this was a once in awhile thing. I normally have to eat before 8 or when I go to bed I wake up with extreme heartburn. I woke up around 1 am with extreme heartburn. Knowing the nexxium wouldnt work I looked around for my Tums. I couldnt find them and I remembered I bought a box of the quick pack. Assuming I had to dump this in water I got a cup and then read the instructions to where it said I didnt. All I had to do was put it in my mouth.  Afraid it was going to be chalky I still had my water just in case. I dumped it in my mouth and was completely surprised that it was not bitter or chalky. It melted away in my mouth instantly.   The flavor I had was Berry fusion and I would reccommend this to anyone if they needed something fast. The small packs I can put in my pocket on the go and it worked in less than a minute!

Buffalo, NY


Takes away heartburn faster then any other brand!


I had a coupon for Tums Quik Pak which is for heartburn. I have tried lot's and lot's of different kinds over the years. I tried this and really liked it!! It is different then any other kind out there. It is a powder instead of a tablet or a liqiud. It is so easy to take and it works so much faster then the other kinds because it is already a powder. There are all kinds of different flavors to choose from. I chose Berry Fusion and it tastes so good! I couldn't believe it didn't have any after taste either. It just dissolves in youir mouth very fast and goes to work! I will certianly be buying more when these are gone. I recommend these for everybody. It works!!

Galva, KS


Tums Quik Pak

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