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Tub O' Towels
Tub O' Towels Solution-Soaked Towels

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Very large wipe


I recently sent away for a sample package of Tub O' Towels Solution Soaked Towels. I set in a drawer and didn't use it for a little while, probably a couple of weeks. When I ran out of my usual Clorox wipes, I remembered the Tub O' Towels sample packet and decided to give it a try. First of all the wipe was a really good sized wipe. It was much larger than the average moist cleansing wipe, like Clorox or Lysol. The Tub O' Towels wipe was at least twice the size of those. I thought that was really great since the larger a wipe is, the more cleaning you can get done with just one. Now I'm not sure if it was the fact that I didn't use the sample packet right away or if maybe the samples weren't quite as soaked as they would be in a regular package, or if it was just my individual sample, but my wipe was almost dry. The package wasn't compromised in any way, no rips or holes, so I'm not sure what the deal was. As it was, it was still a decent wipe. It was large and thick and I wet it with a bit of water and it worked well enough that I'm sure if it was as soaked as it was meant to be I would have been great.


Southfield, MI


Does Not Do As Promised


The last thing I ever want to do is to give a product a negative review because it makes me feel bad but as a Reviewer I must be honest. I wanted this sample of Tub O'Towels because of it's claims. Just read what these cleaning solution soaked towels promise to remove: adhesives; duct tape; glue; grass stains; grease; gum; inks; lipstick; nail polish; oils; paints; gaulk; permanent marker; scuff marks; sealants; shoe polish; spackle; stains; tar; wax and much more! All those difficult cleaning jobs that we have all encountered at one time or another. I really wanted to give Tub O'Towels the benefit of the doubt so I tried it on three different projects. The first stain I wanted removed was from hair dye. My daughter had dyed her hair and while walking out of the bathroom some of it splattered on the door. I took the fresh sample that had just come out of the package and really used a lot of elbow grease to no avail. I did not notice a difference on our bathroom door but the cloth showed it had lifted a little bit. I decided to try again for about fifteen minutes but still there was not a noticeable difference. Than I went on to the second experiment. Yesterday my husband had stepped in grease and by walking on the carpet with his shoes on, it transferred there. I was eager to get some positive results. The towel lifted a small portion of the grease but not enough. Strike two. My next thought was to try it on something easier like hand marks on the wall. Ordinarily, I just use a little soap and water to do the trick but again, I wanted to say that Tub O' Towels was effective for something. Well, I am sad to report that plain water and alittle soap do a better job at cleaning oily hand marks off the wall. The price for these towels is very expensive. Would I recommend, definitely not. Performance Once I try a product and it does not perform like I want it to, I don't go back.


Fort Gratiot, MI


Tub O' Towels Solution-Soaked Towels

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