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Trojan Women Pleasure Condom Lubricated pack 12

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Nothing to write home about


As far as condoms go, Trojan is pretty standard. It does the job, prevents pregnancy, and is comfortable enough for both partners. This *Women Pleasure* type is ribbed, but it doesn't feel that much better for us lady-folk than other ribbed types (or even basic). If you like ribbed condoms these are fine, but don't expect too much.



Trojan women pleasure condom. Pure pleasure every time.


I was first introduced to the Trojan Women Pleasure Condom by a woman.The first time she placed one on the head of my penis and very slowly unrolled it down every inch....i knew it was special and that i had just found the one condom i would use for the rest of my life.The lubricant is what makes it feel so good.I have a 7 1/2 inches with good girth.It almost feel like i'm not wearing anything at all.It was a nice snug fit.Sometimes when you have good girth a condom will fit too tight at the base of your penis,but with the Trojan Women Pleasure Condom you don't have that problem.It in my opinion is designed perfectly.I guarantee once you try them you'll switch like i did.My lady friends love em' as well.

Baltimore, MD


Trojan Women Pleasure Condom Lubricated pack 12

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