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Durex Pleasuremax Lubricated Latex Condoms

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as always a high quality product from durex


I always preferred durex products over trojans and this one comes with no suprise. the condoms are a very good quality and the little nobs make it even more exciting. use it with the great tasting lubes in pina colada or cherry flavor and makes this an even better experience!

North Las Vegas, NV


These condoms are popular cause they are cheap


I rarely purchase this brand. I am a woman and for my taste there is not enough lubricant to allow for my maximum pleasure. My boyfriend feels they are small, and they tear quicker than other brands. I prefer Trojan brand condoms, they are more comfortable for everyone involved.

Kernersville, NC


Durex Pleasuremax Condoms will take your sex life to new heights


The Pleasuremax Condom by Durex is another condom from the number one brand of condoms in the  World. It comes with the same renowned quality that Durex is know for!! The Pleasuremax condom will send your sexual experience to a new level, never again will you want to use another condom. This condom comes in a pink colored container.  You can ensure maximum stimulation for you and your partner. The specially designed shape has uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots to give extra intensity of feeling for both you and your partner. Everyone's a winner with this ultimate condom. There are many imitaiters, but the Durex Pleasuremax condom is in a class of its own. This condom is very reliable and has very few reports of breaking, which is another testiment to the fantastic quality of Durex Condoms. Take your sex life to the next level with this amazing condom.  The Durex Pleasuremax Condom, buy it online at www.mailboxcondoms.com 

Redlands, CA


Great Sensation


This product is awsome for anyone wanting to practise safe sex with there partner's I enjoyed the warming lube along with the sensation of gliding. And you will to!They don't cost to much like a normal pack of condoms. So keep yourself and your partner safe by buying some of these. Their was no Powder they are comfy and will have your mate asking for more in the end.

Dayton, OH


yea I used it and Liked it.


I started ues this one for one year. and I like it too much just my girl friend too. So then I started to talk about this to all my friend and then tehy started too use this thing so thank you durex for this. this not only my opinion its my all friends .

Henderson, MD


Durex Pleasuremax Lubricated Latex Condoms

4.2 5