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Baby Cold Medicine
Triaminic Children's Night Time Cold & Cough Thin Strips

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Taste awful!


This medication is marketed as a convenient way to treat cough, runny & stuffy nose, and itchy throat. It can be used by children or adults, even though the advertising is mainly aimed toward children. The Triaminic Night Time Cold & Cough Strips are fairly effective but they just taste awful! This medication was originally bought for my little cousin, but I ended up trying it once when I had a particular bad cold. These come in plastic packs [the same ones used for those breath strips that were popular for a while] which make this medication convenient if you are on the go. You can simply toss the little plastic container in your purse and it takes up literally no space. You take the strip out, place it on your tongue, and it dissolves. The problem is, this stuff tastes AWFUL! After taking this myself, I quickly figured out why my little cousin did not like them. It tasted very medicinal, bitter, and the taste lingered on my tongue. It did relieve my cold symptoms a little bit, but not enough for me to try that nasty medication again. This stuff tastes GROSS and is not that great of a medication for cold symptoms.




helps kids sleep better


I am a single mother with three active kids ages three years old, ten years old, and twelve years old and I have found that this is the easiest cough and cold medicine to give them when they are sick. you simply give them a little strip on their tongue or if they are like any of my kids they will just chew the strip up in their mouth...its just a small really thin strip and they dont even know its medicine..it quietens their coughs and even helps them sleep and the best part is that there is NO measuring,,, it makes it alot easier on me to not have to pour it in the little cup and beg my child to finish it all with out spilling it every where and have to clean up change clothes with a sick child n it also means no spills and no mess. i would recomend this to any parent to make it alot easier on you and your child when they are sick with a cough, cold and fever.....its also easy to put in your purse or diaper bag for on the go...A++++


Athens, TN


Love these!


These are great for kids as they get older. They are less messy than liquid medicine, but much easier than pills or tablets. My kids like how they just disolve and they even think they taste okay. They seem to work well and help my kids get a good night's sleep when sick. Everyone knows a good night's sleep is a key part of getting better! The thin strips are also very easy to take with you. You can easily slip a couple into a purse. No need for a dosage cup or syringe. No need for a bottle of pills. Simple! What's more to say - kids like them and mom does too! Congestion Relief Works pretty well. Chest Congestion Relief As far as I can tell from the kids, they do work. Relief of Aches & Pains Complaints are down! Cough Suppression Works well.


Oxford, MI


If Suppress Cough Strips are the only option I'd rather cough!


OK...these have got to be one of the foulest tasting cough remedies available on the market (and it seems I'm pretty good at locating the truely evil ones sadly!), Billed as "Soothing Mint". On the good side, they come in a two pack blister type packaging at a quite reasonable price, and the small plastic holder is easy to tuck into just about anywhere at about 1" x 3/4".  Product dispenses easily.   Negative on the packaging is that the colour scheme makes pertinant information (warnings/phone contacts) virtually unreadable.  The active ingredient utilized is dextromethorphan.  Dextromethophan is an antitussive ( cough suppressant) used to control coughs associated with colds, sinus inflammation, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections or sore throat.  While considered an effective drug it is associated with few side effects...one being nausea/vomiting which is what I found myself wanting to do pretty much as soon as I got this in my mouth.  


Arlington, WA


Thin strips are the easiest way to give medication.


Thin strips are the ultimate easiest way to get kids to take medicine.  I wish they made them for ibuprofen and acetometiphen.  They melt so quickly, that your child hardly knows that they've taken anything.  No gagging.  And they work!


Saint Paul, MN


Triaminic Thin Strips--Best by far!


My kids HATE to take medicine. They would rather be miserable than have to take icky tasting syrups or swallow pills. The Triaminic Thin Strips are the answer. Not only are they easy to use, taste not-so-bad, but they WORK! My kids are teenagers now and we still use them. As a matter of fact I have used them myself in a pinch and found that I liked how quickly they start working to relieve my symptoms and did not give me that heavy "medicine head" feeling in the morning. This is the cold product I recommend when I have a friend who is not sure what type of cold medicine to give their child. They work, they taste "good" (no medicine really tastes good, but this is better than most), and they are as portable as a band-aid.


Indianapolis, IN


Triaminic night time cold and cough strips


Actually this worked good for my 5 year old son when he was suffering with cold.He didn't like any tablets to be taken but he liked this thin strips and took it without any argument,This also worked for him.This lasted him for whole night.


Columbus, OH


Triaminic is a terrific cold medicine for all ages!


We first started using Triaminic Night Time Cold and Cough medicine many years ago on the advice of our children's doctor.  We found that this medicine allowed all of our boys to enjoy a good night's sleep in the midst of a nasty cold.  By getting one or two nights of good sleep, their cold symptoms eased up much faster.  Our youngest son is autistic and he could not handle the syrup version of this medicine so we decided to give the strips a try.  He liked them and we were quite happy to find this great alternative. By accident, my husband and I discovered that this medicine also works great for adults too!  Since my husband is on blood pressure medicine, he can not use most adult over-the-counter cold medicines.  After losing several nights sleep while suffering from a nasty cold, he broke down and took this children's cold medicine and discovered that it worked great.  His doctor gave him the okay to use this along with his blood pressure medicine. I also tried it in the midst of a nasty cold and was happy with the results.  This is now a staple in our cold medicine supply closet!


Medford, NJ


so easy and convenient and tastes so good. YAY!


The triaminic night time cold and cough thin strips are the best thing invented.  As a mother of three children who get sick alot from being in school and around other kids all the time, this helps ALOT.  They do not like to drink their medicine because of the taste and drinking is not as fun as these strips.  All the flavors are good.  We've tried the berry, cherry, and grape.  My kids like the berry/cherry flavors the best.  It's so easy too.  You don't have to worry about measuring in a little cup and then them spilling it everywhere.  They shouldn't even make the drinkable kind any more.  The cost is a little high, but well worth it.  They have coupons every once in a while and I use it whether I have a coupon or not.  The thin strips can be found pretty much anywhere.  I've bought them at the drug store and the grocery store.  Even my older child (11 years old) likes these better, even though he has to take two strips compared to the one for the younger children.  The packaging is great too.  It comes in an easy open box and the eash strip is individually wrapped in foil packets.  You can cut with scissors ot just break and peel open.  WONDERFUL!


Fair Oaks, CA


you can stop chasing the kids around with Triaminic thin strips


Children's Triaminic thin strips are a great way to end the hassle of dosing your children with cough and cold medicine.  These properly dosed strips amazingly melt away in you child's mouth.  Your kids will enjoy taking there cough medicine instead of the constant battle which tends to leave cough medicine spots throughout the house.  Triaminic thin strips come in many flavors for your childs' enjoyment.Triaminic's night time cold and cough formula is great for those evenings when a tough cough is keeping your little one up.  There are also different ingredients depending upon the condition of the child such as Triaminic's day time cold and cough.  Both are available in the easily dosing, no hassle thin strips.  With flu season coming up just around the corner, this is a defiant product to stock up on and have on hand in the medicine cabinet.  It can be easily found at most any drug or food store and can be purchased without the hassle of a prescription.


Lincoln, DE


Triaminic Children's Night Time Cold & Cough Thin Strips

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