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Treximet Migraine Medicine

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Review of Treximet


I am a medical professional and a migraine sufferer myself. I have tried every single over the counter and prescription migraine medication that is comercially available. Treximet is just OK- I personly have more of a hangover effect form Imitrex than I do from maxalt or Axert. If this were my favorite med, I would not pay extra as in a high bran name copay, to get imitrex and naproxen all in one pill. You can get generic imitrex much cheaper adn buy a generic bottle of aleve and get the exact same product. Just a clever way for the pharmaceutical complanies ot get more money from you and your insurance. Bottom line for me is there is just too big of a hangover for Imitrex. Other medications are far superior. i dont want to take a medication to help one thing, then cause another problem one my headche is gone. I do like the container it comes in though- handy to keep in your purse- hard to open though.

Cottontown, TN


Treximet Migraine Medicine

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