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Trader Joe's Macaroni & Cheese

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Best Mac and Cheese ever


I picked up Trader Joe's Frozen Macaroni and Cheese for the first time last year because I wanted to try out a quick and easy option for lunch.  I was so incredibly pleased with this product.  This is by far the best tasting frozen macaroni and cheese I have ever made.  I used to love Stouffers but Trader Joe's Macaroni and cheese is so far superior to theirs.  The sauce is obviously made from real cheese and has a great flavor and a smooth, creamy texture.  The macaroni is cooked to just the right tenderness.  The serving size is perfect for a hearty lunch or would also make a good addition as a side dish for a casual weeknight dinner.  This is now the only frozen macaroni and cheese that I will consider buying.  I recently had the opportunity to taste another brand of mac and cheese at a friend's house and it just does not compare with the taste and quality of Trader Joe's Frozen Macaroni and cheese.

Nashville, TN


Trader Joe's Macaroni & Cheese

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