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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Chopped Lamb and Rice Dinner Canned Dog Food

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They Will Eat It But It Isn't Their Favorite Flavor


There are only a couple of Trader Joe's stores in my area so when I make a trip there I usually have a list of things that I need to get. After being given a couple of cans of the Trader Joe's canned dog food to try I started getting the chunky beef version to add to their dry dog food as an added treat. The lamb and rice dinner wasn't something that they really went crazy for; they ate it but they weren't jumping around or devouring it the same way they did with the beef version. There are a lot of vegetables in this one so if your dog has a slightly sensitive stomach they might end up with loose bowels if you are feeding them this without any dry dog food. When I opened the first can to add to their food I noticed that it has more of a smell to it than the other two flavors; that's not a bad thing and the food didn't smell rotten but anyone that walked into the kitchen asked about the smell. The dogs were a little curious about it when I called them in from the back yard; they sniffed their bowls and tasted it but weren't tearing through it like they did with the beef version. Normally they love lamb but I think the vegetables that are added to the mix are what initially put them off about this flavor. I have no doubt that they would eat it if I scooped it out over their dry food if they were hungry enough but I wouldn't want this sitting in their bowls for a couple of hours waiting for them to have a strong appetite because the smell of it would get to me. I was hoping that they would like all three flavors of the Trader Joe's canned dog food but this one is one that I will skip when I am shopping there. Some dogs might love the taste of this but mine weren't all that into it.



Trader Joe's Chopped Lamb and Rice Dinner Canned Dog Food

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