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Trader Joe's

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Shopping for Us and Them


My wife and I frequently shop at Trader Joes because they have quality products and a knowledgeable staff. So when we decided to take in a rescue dog as our first pet we were at a loss as to how to break the bad habits of Comet as well as encourage better behaviors. We were not willing to invest the money involved in consulting a vet. So on our next trip to Trader Joes we asked about pet food products. Did I mention the helpful staff? As soon as I asked a staff member we were walked to the area of the store with pet food products. Being novice dog owners we opted for a range of dog treats in order to experiment. After a time we settled on the Beef Liver Begging Treats as the most effective. Comet responded positively to the rewards offered by this treat. We have since added a pure bred Whippet and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel to the household. Both enjoy these dogs enjoy the treats and have developed excellent habits using the treats as a reward.



Like crack for dogs!


Oh my goodness but these Trader Joe's Beef Liver Begging Treats for Dogs are so incredibly tasty to my dogs. The Trader Joe's Beef Liver Begging Treats for Dogs is made from freeze dried beef liver so even though they don't weigh a lot they are very concentrated and they end up kind of like crack for dogs, they want them so much. Excellent for training because they are so high value, you can get your dog to do anything for these. And Trader Joe's has the best price on them compared to anywhere. My daughter used to train service dogs and we stocked up on Trader Joe's Beef Liver Begging Treats for Dogs frequently. The only thing was that sometimes they would be too desireable and the dog couldn't properly focus on the task she needed because they couldn't stop thinking about the Trader Joe's Beef Liver Begging Treats that she had in her hand. For those occasions you could want to use the Charlie Bear Treats that they also sell at Trader Joe's. You can get Charlie Bear treats at other stores but Trader Joe's has them for a really decent price.

Amherst, MA


Shelby's point of view? Begging Treats are a solid Five Stars.


  Our 13-year-old Shelby eagerly stands up on her arthritic hind legs to get a good whiff of **Trader Joe's BEEF LIVER BEGGING TREATS** as I pick them up off the counter.  These blocky little things looks as blandly uninteresting as can be, but their 100% beef liver is a big nose-and-tummy deal for chowhounds like Shelby. **TJ** recommends his **BEEF LIVER BEGGING TREATS** as between meal snacks and training rewards.  Each **TREAT** can be sub-divided with a minimum of finger pressure -- good for training events where lots of incentive and not too much of a good thing may be required.  It's not clear to me whether my hyper Shelby grabs and swallows **TJ's BEGGING TREATS** whole or whether she exerts a cursory chew before her **TREAT **disappears.  Whatever the case, I know that she's getting a treat rich in iron, niacin and other nutrients.  **TJ's BEEF LIVER BEGGING TREATS** appear to be freeze-dried.  They do *not* contain any wheat, corn or soy.  

Los Angeles, CA



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