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Towncraft Griddle

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easy to use


The bad: it costs a lot of money for just one item. The good: you will use this a ton. It will come in handy for potlucks, birthday parties, and anywhere else get togethers happen. This is also a easy griddle to transport along to a camping excursion. Makes for easy cooking in the middle of nowhere (as long as you have electrical) You can cook up bacon, sausage, eggs and even pancakes on this thing. The grease will start to pool up so be careful when cooking items that do give off a lot of grease. I find this griddle is best for breaded items, eggs and sausage. So so easy to clean too. It's basically wipe clean if that's good enough for you. It's not for me though. I like to use soap and water and it holds up just fine over many uses. I do not get water near the plug though on the griddle. I don't want any part of that to get wet because I want it to last forever. Foods don't stick to this either. It's very easy to cook with and is pretty durable. I would recommend it for sure.



I love my TowneCraft griddle.


I don't see how anyone can live without this cookware.  It has alot of eye appeal and it's a wonderful product.  After realizing how teflon can be such a dangerous product, we as a family decided to throw out all of our teflon and aluminun pots, pans, and other cookware.  This is a very heavy griddle.  It has a handle on each side and comes with a glass lid with a vent hole.  It takes a little getting used to because we as a nation are used to frying with grease or oil but there is no need with this griddle because it is designed as a greaseless, waterless cookware.  It cleans with ease and is also dishwasher safe.  It doubles as a food server or platter.  The only downfall to this product is the price.  Any Townecraft product is very expensive but well worth it's weight in gold.  I would highly recommend this product for anyone especially for those who love to cook and or are wanting to cook healthier meals. 

Austin, IN


Towncraft Griddle

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