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Toshiba Satellite U405 Notebook PC

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This Toshiba Satellite U405 Notebook PC is nice


My husband has purchased me this Toshiba Satellite U405 Notebook PC for my birthday.  The main reason why I wanted to have it is to be able to do digital scrapbook.  I love the idea how big the screen is and easy to type. What I'm disappointed about this is that I am not able to use Fingerprint Reader;  it wasn't able to read my fingerprints.  I got annoyed after trying put swap my finger again and again.  It is better off for me just to log in by typing everything down instead of my fingers.  I have been having this laptop for about 3 or 4 years now and it is working just great execpt for two things which are fingerprint reader & the heat in laptop.  My suspect is that the fan inside the laptop stopped working.  I haven't gotten the chance to find out the cost to have it fixed.  I cannot say this laptop is a must to have or NOT to have.  It is half-half.  If fan and fingerprint reader weren't broken or not working right, I would have loved the laptop.

Herriman, UT


Looks cute, but doesn't work


I bought one for my wife last year, and it has been nothing but trouble.  Oh, it has some good points, nice long battery life, extra security features, but the problems far outweigh the advantages.  We have had trouble with the wireless almost from the beginning.  No matter how many adjustments we have made, it will sometimes simply not connect to a wireless network.  Even my cheap Dell Inspiron 1525 connects flawlessly to my wireless networks, but not this Toshiba.  Also, the buttons on the laptop are cheaply made, especially the right click on the mousepad.  It broke within the first 3 months and has never worked properly after that.  The power settings do not work--it doesn't hiberate when its supposed to, doesn't shut down when you close the lid, randomly turns on sometimes.  The screen is poor quality, the sound is poor quality, the keys skip, I mean honestly, I expected a lot better. 

East Liverpool, OH


One of my favorite laptops.


The Toshiba Satellite U405-S2826 is one of the best laptops that I have ever owned. The laptop comes with 2GB of DDR2 memory and Intel Core 2 duo processor. It is a fast laptop that comes with many features such as a 13.3 portable screen and 250gb hard drive. This is the laptop for everyday users and gamers who are looking for something well made and designed. The laptop comes with intel graphics media accelator x3011 and windows vista. Many will also enjoy the firewire port for editing home movies and the vga port for using with home movie nights. Overall this is by far one of my favorite laptops and I would easily buy another one. The laptop has windows vista, but for those who don't like vista you can change the os easily to your desired one. Also want to mention the battery lasts a good amount of time for getting movies and gaming in without the need for a recharge and the base is made very well with a hard and durable surface.

Garland, TX


Fast, friendly, sleek laptop


I'm no computer pro, but I did my homework on this laptop, and it paid off. In general, it's fast, which is great when you're multi-tasking. I use this in classes (I'm a professional student by this point) and both the keyboard and the fan are quite quiet. You'll never get an absolutely silent  machine (you can tell when it's getting its exercise) but this one is pretty close. Vista is fine, in general. I haven't had too many problems. I've gotten a "blue screen" a couple times, but whenever I restart the computer following that, it's fine. The fingerprint reader (cool but unnecessary) gives me problems now and then; it erased my fingerprints one time; it was fine because you can get on with either a password or a fingerprint.  In general, very sleek-looking computer with great functionality (and great wireless card!)

Jamaica Plain, MA


i like my laptop


i like my laptop it's the first one that i've owned i'v only a desktop and my freak mother broke it so now i have this one which i can keep tucked up my ... and i love it it runs great so long as i keep her off it speed is great i can travel all over my 2 family home with it and no problens sppd is good havent had any problems yet....

Ipswich, MA


Toshiba Satellite U405 Notebook PC

3.6 5