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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Intel Pentium Processor 15.6" Display - Helios Gray PC Notebook

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Great laptop!


I've had my laptop for a couple of years now. I have not had too many problems with it. I knew I would buy another Toshiba because my last laptop was the same brand and lasted many years (more than the recommended:)!). I do not have problems with my wireless connection; however, I do not care for the mouse pad. If my hand is resting too closely on the right hand side it will begin to scroll uncontrollably, which drives me crazy! I wish Toshiba would still offer the "dot mouse" in the middle of the keyboard that my last laptop had, to compensate I just bought a wireless mouse.

Penns Creek, PA


Nice Laptop


Toshiba is a brand of laptops I have always had for myself and my family. I bought this laptop when my old Toshiba developed problems with the battery and charger port, making it unusable. I loved my old laptop, so naturally I wanted another Toshiba. I like how there is a number pad on the side, as opposed to how most laptops only have the numbers on the top line. After having this laptop for less than 3 weeks, it broke. When I went to turn it on, it froze it a startup screen trying to fix for errors. Turns out the hard drive was corrupt. I don't really know what that means, but basically after less than 3 weeks it was unusable. Thankfully, they replaced it and I have the same laptop right now. It is good so far, but I've only had this one for a week so we will see. All in all, I think next time I will go with a different brand of laptop. Toshibas look nice, but if they don't even last a year (like my previous ones) I don't think I will buy another.

Fort Myers, FL


Toshiba is a brand that is reliable and functional!


When in the search for a new laptop I knew I was going to avoid the brand I had previously owned and bought based on a printer I had from a particular company and ended up with a bad product. So I researched some different brands and ended up choosing toshiba. I love this laptop because it loads up so fast when you turn it on. Other laptops are slow with startup. It was very easy learning how to use this computer and I was shocked at the excellent sound quality from the speakers. I am also pleased at the size of the screen and the picture quality. So far I havent run into any technical or mechanical problems with it. I recommended it to my friend who went out and purchased one and is also very satisfied. I use this computer regularly for my work and also for personal use as well as my family and it has proven to be child friendly also. I have suggested this computer to anyone asking advice on purchasing a laptop and will continue to do so. It is in my opinion a great product!

Huntington, WV


Love this laptop


We have had this laptop for over a month and we love it so far. We have not had any problems with it. We bought it to be able to get on the internet on the go, and do some spreadsheets here and there. It works great for what we wanted it for. The screen size is very nice also. We also like that it has the numeric keypad on the side, it makes it nice when you are adding a lot of numbers up, you dont have to always use the numbers on top of the letters.

Elizabethville, PA


Toshiba Satellite Laptop Intel Pentium Processor 15.6" Display - Helios Gray PC Notebook

4.3 4