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Toshiba - LED TV

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Toshiba 55 in LED TV is awesome and a great value


I have had the Toshiba 55UX600U LED television for six months now, and i am visibly impressed with it's quality and picture. It is also easy to program and does everything you want to do with a big screen television. The picture quality is excellent and it is bright with no dark banding as on some other televisions. The picture is incredibly lifelike with vivid realistic colors. There is also no blurring when the characters are in motion like running players in a football game. I watch all the NFL games on the television and frequently have my friends over to watch the games. They have all been impressed with the quality of the television's performance. The remote is easy to use and more importantly easy to understand. It does everything you need to do with a remote to program your television. It not only controls sound, picture and settings it allows to use other devices with the television remote and is easy to program those devices into it.  The Toshiba 55UX600U LED Television is a great buy with outstanding quality and performance for the price. I recommend it Toshiba televisions to all my friends and family. 

Niagara Falls, NY


Awesome TV


This TV is extremely sleek and if you have seen a flat screen before this will generally be a lot skinnier and I would highly recommend buying a low profile wall mount for this TV.  With the low profile mount, the TV sits about three inches off the wall which looks great from any direction.  The picture quality is also superior than a plasma or LCD TV, the only difference is the darks are not as dark as they are on a plasma.  I also have a 42 inch plasma TV and this 55 inch TV weighs considerably less than it, which amazed me.  The only downfall to this TV compared to the newer TVs that are currently on the market is the applications, it has tons of applications which are great but it lacks an internet browser and also netflix, which has become widely popular for movie streaming.  It does come with a wireless connector that will connect to your home network, and that is free and it works great.

Toledo, OH


The Toshiba 55ux600 has good quality picture


The Toshiba 55ux600 has a great quality picture, the sound is above average, and it has all the hookups in back for anything that you want to hook up, The only downfall with this tv as well as others like this, is that if the TV is left on for any length of time, the picture will get burnt into the screen.

La Porte, IN


Toshiba - LED TV

4.3 3