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Tony Little
Tony Little Gazelle Elliptical Trainer

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Not worth the Money


I used the gazelle for about a year.  It is good if you are just starting out in exercise but once your body has gotten used to it, it doesn't seem to work anymore.  There is no real challenge.  The newer models with the tension work better.  However anyone who uses this product needs to understand that if you are not self motivated to work harder and faster; then you will end up plateuing very quickly.  The nice thing about this product is it's low impact.  No more hurting your knees.  It is also good for anyone who has had problems with shoulders.  If you can't use the arms; you can just rest them and let your legs do all the work. Another issue that I have had with this product is after longterm use; the gazelle begins to squeak really bad.  I don't know how many times I have put wd 40 in the joints.  It will work for a little while but then it will just start squeaking again.

Spokane, WA


Love my Gazelle


I received my Gazelle as a gift from Hubby, at first I thought he was crazy...I hate to work out. Then I tried it, and its so easy to use, no stress on my knees or back. I use it twice a day, its not hard to use, just step and walk, no having to worry about the weather, and watch TV, or listen to music. I am so glad hubby treated me to this great machine.

Donaldsonville, LA


The Tony Little Gazelle will work every muscle to the best.


The Tony Little Gazelle is one the best piece of equipment that was made. It has a design that will work your upper and lower muscles. When using this equipment you will burn alot of calories. You need to try to do this four at least 45 minutes a day for 3 times a week. I use this workout equipment and after I get off I can feel a difference and also I feel great. It definitely works your arms because you are moving them back and forth and you can feel your arms burning from moving them back and forth. It has a piece of equipment on it to show  you how much calories you are burning. You also can lean forwards or backwards and it gets tougher as you do it. You can store this under your bed or in a big enough closet. It easily folds up. The Tony Little Gazelle, I believe is one of the best workout equipment because you can workout alot of different muscle groups at one time with out doing some other workout . I suggest that everyone should have one of these.

Rossville, TN


Some people laugh when I tell them, but I Love it!


I used to be an avid runner, but now due to a chronic health condition, injury, and surgery I am unable to do that anymore. I still walk with my kids every day, but that is still not enough for me. I am absolutely forbidden to use a tredmill or run tradtionally by my orthopoeadic surgeon and this device offers me a low/no impact solution to that problem. I am able to get more of a fast paced workout than walking offers without the impact to my hips and knees which is great. I use this device for at least 20 minutes every day and most often more than that. Sometimes if I crank up the music and close my eyes and if the sun comes in the window just right, I actually feel like I am back outside running like I used to. This device offers a total body workout and comes with toning videos for specific areas for those who are interested in targeting specific areas rather than just substituting a walk/run. It takes some getting used to at first, but once you find your rhythm it is great.

North Wilkesboro, NC


I love it!


I have really horrible knees and have found that the Tony Little Gazelle has proven itself a wonderful way to get my exercise without causing problems to my already aching knees. I find that I can really feel that it was a great purchase.

Clinton, NC


Tony Little Gazelle Elliptical Trainer

4.4 5