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Toastmaster 6-Speed Hand Mixer 1778

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Okay for the price


This hand mixer is a prime example of the saying you get what you pay for. I should have invested more money into a better quality machine. I use mine quite a bit maybe twice a week or so. This mixer does not have different power settings or intensities. While I am trying to mix just a small batch of cornbread mix, the mix flies all over the kitchen counter simply because there is no slow speed button or setting. Therefore, if you are looking for a mixer to use where you can mix at different speeds according to what you are cooking or baking, I would recommend looking elsewhere for another machine. From past experience, when I am trying to mix pancake batter, it beats way too fast, and it just ends up being a mess everywhere. It works fine for whipping potatoes or cream since they seem to have a thick consistency, but anything else leaves chaos all over the kitchen.



Perfect, little mixer for small, quick jobs.


If you only get your mixer out once or twice a month, why buy a big, expensive one?  This one is great for cake and brownie mixes, or to whip up pudding or egg whites for those rare meringue toppings.  What else can I say, it simply does its job well.

Midvale, UT


Toastmaster 6-Speed Hand Mixer 1778

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