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The Sure Foundation Theological Institute - Associate in Christian Studies

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I was cheated


I had previously studied 3 years in Seminary. My desire has been to continue and receive a ministry license and a PhD in Theology. I was excited to find an affordable program with The Sure Foundation. It was affordable but the work was no where near what is required to receive any degree. I'm ashamed to call myself a Dr of Theology even though I received that from them. I wanted more than a paper. I wanted an education.

North east UDA


Excellent Source of Revelation


I believe this program to be a Godsend for me. I am finishing my ThD with the Sure Foundation and was licensed with them for nearly 10 years. I did not renew after marrying ONLY because I wanted a place where my wife and I could be licensed as a ministry team and Sure Foundation only offers licensure to alumnus. My wife had plenty of schooling and was only looking for supplemental training to her previous experience. Otherwise, we would have both been very happy to license with TSF.

Beijing, China from Flagstaff, AZ


Excellent College For Theology. Bachelor's Degree


I received my Bachelor Degree in Theology from the Sure Foundation as well my Associates. Top notch rating. They are accredited. In addition they have an excellent rating with the BBB. I was able to complete my degrees at my pace online. This was very beneficial as during my 2nd year with the Institution I became very I'll . I had no choice but to put a stop on my schooling. Not only did they keep my account open they paid off the remaining tuition balance for me. I wrote them and explained the hardship I was facing due to my illness and left it in Gods hands. I can't thank them enough for their outstanding programs. The material is very well written however will warn you there's a lot of listening material so keep a computer screen open or a pen handy, taking lots of notes help. A big thank you to all the facilitators at the Foundation, and most of all Glory be to God for blessing me with that wonderful gift and for helping me get through my teachings. MEH



excellent bible college


The Sure Foundation Theological Institute is an online bible college. There are no residency requirements. Sure Foundation offers Associate, bachelor, Masters and PHD programs. Once you complete an Associate Degree with them you can apply to be lisenced as Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You must pay a yearly fee to maintain your lisence. And also let The Sure Foudation know what you are doing in God's Kingdom. The Sure Foundation offers several ways to pay for your education which include scholorships and monthly payment plans. You may go as fast or slow with your studies as you desire. This program is at your on pace. You can start sny time of the year. You will not get your degree however until all fees have been paid. After graduation there is a website for students and another for ministers where you can connect with other graduates. You can leave prayer requests testimonies and words of encouragement. The Sure Foundation Theological Institute is accredited but the degree will not carry weight in the secular world.

Roanoke, VA


The Sure Foundation Theological Institute - Associate in Christian Studies

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