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The Marilyn Brush
The Marilyn Brush Teasing Brush

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Makes teasing quick


Love this brush for adding volume especially when going out. It's also great for pin up styles like barrel curls. And because its slim it makes it easier to do smaller sections



Volume for days


I feel like my own personal hair stylist when I use The Marilyn Brush Teasing Brush. I have thin and flat hair that I struggle with to create volume. I see women in the media with gorgeous thick, full, and voluminous hair and I am so envious of their perfect hair. I no longer have to be jealous because with the Marilyn Brush I can achieve that same volume and fullness I desire. I use this brush to tease each section of my hair by brushing backwards under my hair. By using this brush to tease my hair I do not damage or tangle my hair. I get the volume and full look I desire but in order to keep this look for a long period of time I do recommend using some sort of product like a dry shampoo or a hairspray or even both to guarantee that your look will last all day. This is the perfect brush for women who like me have thin and flat hair but desire a more full and voluminous look. This is definitely a great hair investment.



Wonderful Little Brush


AMAZING... WONDERFUL...CANT GET ENOUGH!!! This brand of brushes are just incredible! Once again, I saw this on the Rachel Ray show and just had to try them for myself. LOVES IT! This brush gives you all the volume you will need without damaging your hair! Unlike most teasing brushes or combs you have to backcomb the hair and it can get damaged and knotty from all of that rough styling... not with this brush! You simply just pull a section of hair up and comb this brush down the hair from tips to roots. You do not have to go crazy and be all rough to get the job done. You just brush the hair in reverse and let it fall and give it a little spritz of stray. After I am done doing all of that i just flip my hair over and run my finger through the hair to break up tease a little and give it a soft bounce. This product is just wonderful! No damage to my hair and no annoying back combing that leaves a huge knot. It just like brushing your hair but getting so much more volume then before.

Killeen, TX


The Marilyn Brush Teasing Brush

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