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The First Years
The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set

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Perfect little feeding set for kids into Sesame Street.


My son loves all things Elmo, so when I saw the **The First Years Sesame Street Feeding Set **with Elmo and the Cookie Monster characters on it, I had to buy it.  The packaging states that this feeding set is for babies 9+ months old.  The set includes the following four pieces: - Deep-sided bowl - Sectioned plate - Stainless steel fork with plastic handle - Stainless steel spoon with plastic handle All of the pieces are dishwasher-safe, but not microwave-safe.  The plate is a perfect size and I like that it has two sections to it.  A picture of Elmo and Cookie Monster reading a book are in the center of the plate.  The bowl is nice and deep to help with spills and it has a picture of Elmo at the bottom of it.  Both the fork and spoon have a picture of Elmo on the handle. The packaging states that "the educational organization behind Sesame Street, puts the proceeds it receives from sales of its products right back into Sesame Street and its other projects for children at home and around the world."  Since Sesame Street is broadcasted on public television, donations are what enable my son to be able to watch it every morning, so I feel good knowing that the proceeds of this feeding set will go back to Sesame Street.  My only complaint is that this isn't microwave-safe.

Camp Lejeune, NC


The First Years Seasame Street feeding set it nice to have!


I really like The First Years Seasame Street four piece feedin set. It's a really nice set for kids, and with characters they like. It is very durable as well. I like the whole set, of course, because it has all we need. Seasame street is a well known, and many kids like it. The dishes can really take a beating a well. (And trust me, they've been tested! LOL) They are really good for portioning toddler size foods as well. It makes children feel like they have dishes like adults too, as they resemble adults dishes. I like the the First Years brand as well, as it's a high quality and well known brand. This feeding set would make a great gift for any kids. And the Seasame Street characters are good for boys and girls. The only bad thing is that these are harder to find now. However, I am sure it is available online to buy. I would reccomend this to friends and family as it is a great product. It is very cute set!

Logan, UT


Durable Sesame Street feeding set


I bought this for my grandson when he was about 9 months old and just starting to be fed solid food. He loves Elmo and Sesame Street and so this was perfect for him. He just turned four and he still likes to eat with this set, especially for lunch or snacks. The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding set includes a small divided plate, a small, but deep bowl and a kid sized spoon and fork. I like the divided plate because he can have two food items and they won't mix. He is kind of funny about foods touching each other! The bowl is still our go to bowl especially for snacks. It is great for a bowl of grapes or dry cereal or cheese-it crackers. Our set has been put in the diswasher and it has held up very, very well. It is brightly colored and extremely durable. It has been used for three years and it still looks brand new. If I remember correctly this set is not microwave safe. I would highly recommend this product.

Rocklin, CA




**The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set** is a great item to have for babies and toddlers.  Durability, colorful and fun are the three words that I would use to describe **The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set.** Remember to **The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set **comes in other designs and colors as well.  We have several sets.  I really like that they are so colorful and educational.  We talk about the colors and shapes and other qualities that they have when we are eating.  **The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set** makes a great baby gift as well for baby showers.  They feature small forks and spoons that seem safer for babies and toddlers. It also makes toddlers more apt to feed themselves when they have fun silverware and plates and bowls.  Sometimes you can find coupons for  **The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set** which makes them even a better deal.  I simply put our in the dishwasher and they come out fine. 

Los Osos, CA


The First Years Sesame Street 4 Piece Feeding Set

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