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NUK Transition Cup

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The price is something to look at, however these cups have come in very handy.  My girls seem to really enjoy the handles because most of our cups dont have them, it makes it easier for them to carry around.  I do wish that both cups came with handles, but it didnt. 


Eudora, KS


NUK orthodontic transition cup is a good first sippy cup!


My sister bought for my son a NUK orthodontic transition sippy cup. Sippy cups are so difficult when you are not sure exactly what you are looking for or what kind of sippy cup your child will like when you are transitioning from breast or bottle to a sippy cup. I must say that I really like the NUK orthodontic transition sippy cup. The spout is soft and there is not a separate stopper. This sippy cup does not leak at all, even though there is not a stopper with this sippy cup. There are two handles on the side so this is a great sippy cup to start with becuase there are two handles for the baby to get used to holding a sippy cup. One downfall for this sippy cup is that I am not sure if the handles are removable so when trying to put hte sippy cup into a stroller holder or a cup holder in a car, I am not sure that this sippy cup would fit. This does not seem like a big deal until you want to take a walk in the stroller and your sippy cup is falling over sideways in your cup holder.


Carmel, IN


Easy to learn how to drink out of


My daughter toke to this every well. Eventually I had to move on to another producted because inner pasctic piece in the lid would not stay in after so many use's. It would get loose. It was very easy for her to hold. She didn't really use the handles so i ended up removing them cause they just seemed to get in the way.


Woodland Park, CO


Looks great - but my baby doesn't like it.


I really liked this sippy cup. I searched a while to find one I thought my baby would take. However, my baby won't have anything to do with this cup. He is so attached to his bottle that he has no interest in a sippy cup. I also tried another gerber sippy cup, but that one had a hard spout, this one has a nipple like spout. But still - no interest! It is very conveinent to clean though. It comes apart in 3 pieces, and it also includes a little circular insert you can put on before you screw on the top and it'll prevent it from leaking even more so. Although, I haven't had to use the circular insert because I've had no problems with it leaking. I think this sippy cup is a good cup, and I'll hang on to it and see if he likes it later. I really like the idea of the straw sippy cups, BUT, my sisyer-in-law said that she had problems with them molding and she thought the mold was what kept making her little one sick.


Wilmington, NC


My daughter's best friend


Since my little girl was a baby, she has not wanted to breastfeed (I was so sad!).   She LOVED her bottles.  So, we would sit in the recliner and rock and she would drink her bottle while she rubbed her hair.  This went on and on and by the time she was 18 months, she still loved her bottle.  It was kind of like her "Binky".  She would drink water or juice out of a hard sippy cup, but the minute I put milk into a sippy cup she would look at me like I was crazy! On accident I found out about the NUK sippy cup.  I was babysitting a little girl, and her mother didn't want her using bottles anymore, so she packed one of these sippy cups in her bag.  The minute that my daughter saw that littl Peyton was using a sippy cup, she wanted to use a sippy cup too!  I was so relieved!  i didn't want to have my daughter be drinking out of a bottle her whole life! I love that it comes with easy grip handles.  My daughter loves holding them, and it makes it very easy for younger children to hold their own cup.  I am sure this makes them feel more independent as well.  I also like that it comes with a lid.  this si a great transtion cup in my opinion and I will be buy more!


Port Orchard, WA


The transition is so important


The transition stage from a bottle to a cup can be very hard.  Many times it tough for the baby to get the hang of the cup and also they do not want to give up their bottle.  I don not think many parents statr this transition early enough.  This doesn't mean you're taking the bottle away prematurely but early on you can begin to use These Nuk sippy cups.  I started at about four month with my son and now at eight months he knows how to hold a regular cup with no lid although thats not something he gets to do on a daily basis.  These cups are so neat. They give the learning ability of a regular sippy cup but sill allows your child of the soft nipple like mouth piece.  This is something I woud recommend to although parent but I would still however say do not stick only to this type.  Use some sippy cups with harder plastic nipples after this so your child doesn't get attached to the nipple on the cup as much as they did the one on the bottle.  Try this product for sure.


Charlotte, NC


The not-so-spill-proof cup


The Gerber Nuk Transition Cup was the first sippy cup that I purchased for my baby. I thought it looked like the perfect transition from the bottle to a regular sippy cup, with the latex sip-spout and the detachable grip handles. My daughter would not touch it!  I tried several different liquids to see if it was a flavor preference. I tried several times as she grew and transitioned to the sippy cup to see if it was just a need to rebel in order to keep the bottle. To be prefectly honest, I think the latex sip-spout pinched her tongue and lips and too much fluid was coming out for her to keep up with.  After several honest attempts to use this cup (as well as several cleanings later)  started to realize that it was becoming increasingly difficult to remove the screw-on spout. It got to the pint where I was even comfortable giving it away to my preganant sister-in-law, I just threw the thing away.  **2 thumbs way down!**


Superior, WI


LOVED these!


I loved these cups and bottles and so did my son.  The Gerber Transitions cups and bottles are the best!  I was so upset when I went to buy some for this little one and they have been discontinued due to BPA. My son did so well with these, he even weaned himself off the bottle himself.  I love the handles and the non-standard shape that make it easier for gripping.  The spout is soft, but when chewed on does not fall to pieces.  I wish Gerber would re-release these as BPA free.


Stevensville, MI


My baby love the gerber Nuk transition Cup


My baby is 7 moth old and i was having so much trouble getting him to take the bottle. then i tried to change him  to sip cup but he did not like it until i tried th gerber nuk he really love it easy to use and no meassy at all.


Clementon, NJ


This is the best cup ever!!! My daughter love it...


 I have purchased several cups for my daughter to see which is better for her,she love the  Nuk transitional sippy cup we never have spills,leaks,or accident lid pop offs, the Nuk transitional cup was easy to put her on its great!!!!!!!at all times.Thanks Nuk Transitional is a big help.


Long Beach, CA


NUK Transition Cup

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