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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream

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Very Nice Hand Cream


I wasn't really looking for a new hand cream when the salesperson at The Body Shop offered me a sample of their Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream but I tried it and really liked both it and the idea behind it. I ended up purchasing several tubes for myself and my family and friends for the holidays. The Body Shop donates all the profits from the sale of this hand cream to various charities which just makes it an even better option. I have very dry hands, especially in the winter, and very few hand creams can really moisturize them the way they need to be to keep them from flaking and cracking. This is among one of the few creams that not only moisturizes deeply but doesn't leave you feeling like you have a sticky or greasy film on your hands after using it. The citrus scent of the lotion is very pleasant and leaves just a hint of fresh citrus scent on the skin without being overpowering or distracting.


Vernon Rockville, CT


The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream works great!


I work in research. Lots of gloves, lot of drying chemicals, and my hands take a beating. They crack and get red and have sores. It is not a pretty sight. And most of all, they hurt...a lot. I tried Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream when I wanted to try the straightening balm. The store had a combo pack for the same price as the hand cream by itself. Wow! This stuff is great. It isn't greasy, but I still feel like it is doing it's job. The only other thing I know of that works as well is lanolin, but that is sticky and thick. This hand cream is thinner rthan lanolin (but thicker than a lotion), and it dries nicely. And it dries quickly. I don't feel like I can't touch items for ten minutes after putting this hand cream on. It also has a gentle scent, and even my husband will use the product (he usually won't use my items because they "smell"). I do feel it is more expensive than what I would normally like to spend, but it works so well. This is probably one of the few items I would pay full price for from The Body Shop. I also like that they donate proceeds to fight against sex trafficing.


Brighton, CO


The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream

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