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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

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Raspberry Goodness!


I'm a Body Shop body butter addict. I have tried each and every one and my friends and family buy them for me for gifts. They're amazing little moisturizers that smell awesome and this Raspberry Body Butter was no different. First, the smell is amazing! It smells just like raspberries and cream. Really, just like freshly picked raspberries mixed with cream. It smells good enough to eat (don't attempt it though!)! The scent lingers on your skin all day long. I've seriously caught myself sniffing my arm throughout the day to get a hit of raspberry! The cream goes on smoothly and absorbs amazingly quickly for such a thick cream. It also absorbs thoroughly without leaving a residue as so many body butters tend to do which is nice when you want to get dressed after using it. This is a wonderful addition to their body butter collection and if you love raspberry you are sure to enjoy this! It would also make a lovely gift!


Vernon Rockville, CT


Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.


The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter does wonders for your skin and makes you smell good as well. The body butter is a thick creme that works best if you apply after a shower. I generally shower in the morining, lightly towel off and apply the body butter all over and feel moisturized thorughout the day. Plus the smell of the raspberry is amazing...no need to put on any extra perfume or smelly lotions. By the end of the night as I change into pj's the smell of the raspberry is still there and it makes me smile. The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter soaks into the skin, hydrating it and making it extra soft, which is perfect in the dry, cold winter weather. You will get a ton of compliments when wearing it!


Oxnard, CA


The Body Shop's Raspberry Body Butter is not its best.


I had high expectations for The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter that I received for Christmas since I have had the mango body butter from The Body Shop in the past, and absolutely adored it. Although I am satisfied with The Body Shop's Raspberry Body Butter, and indeed use it, I am somewhat disappointed with it because it definitely does not add up to the mango body butter. It does not smell as good as I thought it would; indeed, it smells like raspberries, but it just is not the best fragrance that they could have come up with, in my opinion. In addition, it's consistency is slightly thin for being considered body butter. However, it does do a pretty good job of moisturizing and leaving your skin feeling soft once it is absorbed into the skin. Unfortunately, it does take a little bit of time for the skin to absorb it completely, and in the meantime your skin will feel a little greasy. It is an "okay" body butter, but I would suggest going for a different body butter if purchasing from The Body Shop.


Glendora, CA


The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

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