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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Jolly Orange Body Butter

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Love the moisture, not the scent.


I love ALL of the body butters from The Body Shop. Fruity, tropical, nutty, I love them all. This one is one of the more moisturizing (aka greasy) ones, which makes sense and it is put out at the holiday/winter time of year. The formula is fabulous, and just what I would expect from these products and why I keep re-purchasing time after time. The scent, however, is absolutely horrific. I wish I could love it, I really do. It smells fine in the tub, but as soon as it is on my skin and all "warmed up", so to speak, it starts to smell...well, rancid, for lack of a better word. I thought maybe it was just me, so I had a friend try it, and the same thing happened. A big disappointment, since the formula is so nice, and I've NEVER had that happen with any other body butter from The Body Shop, and I've gone through quite a few! Hopefully it was just a bad batch, but I don't see how--I ordered it online, so it was sealed and coudn't have been sitting around in a shop for too long. Ah well, the other scents work great, so I will stick with those. Scent See review for details. Absorption Greasy, but that is the nature of this product.


Fort Wayne, IN


Orange Body Butter makes my body jolly all over.


I have to say this is my first time using body butter, and I am pleasantly surprised by *The Body Shop's Jolly Orange Body Butter.* The tub was filled enough with lotion and not suffering from the "potato chip bag" effect (big bag, only a few chips inside). It's not an overwhelming orange scent, nor is it really an orangey scent. It's citrisy for sure, but not orange like "orange glo" or sniffing an actual orange itself. The body butter is quite greasy (maybe because it's butter and not lotion, having more of a consistency), so if your skin isn't particularly dry, then you could just use a little (literally a little, just gently run your finger(s) over the top to skim a little bit). Too much and you're left to wipe it elsewhere just to get the sheen off the palm of your hands. It stays on for a while, and it leaves your skin feeling very soft. I like to use it on my feet and it really does keep your skin moisturized. There aren't really any cons to this product, perhaps the greasiness, but I guess what can you say when the product itself has the word 'butter' in it?


Queens, NY


Indulge Your Skin


I love The Body Shop products for many reasons:  The company is environmentally and socially responsible, the products are not tested on animals, and the range of products is wide without being completely overwhelming.  And while the products are a bit of an "indulgence" in that they are more expensive than many other brands, the company does offer many great sales and has an excellent customer loyalty program. All of The Body Shop's Body Butters are rich, hydrating, and decadent.  I love the diverse fragrances that the Body Butters come in, and I was thrilled to discover the new "Jolly Orange" fragrance and add it to my favorites.  The orange fragrance is light and fresh, but you don't smell like a piece of fruit after using it -- which is a big 'plus' for me!  Instead, the fragrance is vibrant, clean, and a little bit sweet. The Body Shop Body Butter goes on THICK, but it absorbs quickly.  It really does feel decadent and immediately leaves your skin moisturized and softened, and a little bit goes a long way.  My only complaint about the product is that it does get under your nails and into your rings as you work with it, so it is important to remove rings and dip your fingers in carefully if that bothers you. 


Saint Petersburg, FL


The Body Shop Jolly Orange Body Butter

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