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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream

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Good for dry skin, maybe not the best for fragrance fanatics


The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream is a very creamy body wash made to exacting eco friendly standards and is Fair Trade, but I had some issues with the scent. Mileage may vary on that point, but if I'm going to spend that much money on coconut body wash I'd rather go with something from Pacifica. Effectiveness There is no denying that this body wash is effective at moisturizing the skin as it cleans. It is very creamy, lathers up frothy, and does not leave any residue, just moist, clean skin. The ingredients list is non-objectionable and includes virgin organic coconut oil. Scent Here is where I have to deduct a lot of points. I am sure that the product started off with a very nice, natural coconut scent. The problem was at some point it wound up smelling like the plastic bottle. The bottle must have gotten hot in transit and leached its scent into the product. The Body Shop is careful about what goes into every part of its products, so I feel confident I didn't accidentally get a dose of BPA or anything like that. That doesn't mean I want to go around smelling like Cali Girl Barbie though.

Tampa, FL


Silky Smooth Skin!


The Body Shop is by far one of my favorite stores. They have wonderful products that smell amazing! My boyfriend recently got me The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream. What an incredible product! I look forward to taking showers just to use this product. Instead of tradition body wash, this is not a gel, it is a cream, which I believe moisturizes skin more and leaves it feeling silky smooth! Scent Strong and incredible coconut smell. I seriously want to eat it because it smells so amazing. It reminds me of summer and a tropical vacation, even in the coldest winter months! Absorption Absorbs right into your skin! You can feel the difference as soon as you shower. You can feel the moisture difference on dry skin or normal skin. Skin feels healthy and moisturized. Effectiveness Cleans skin and moisturizes at the same time. Can feel the difference in how you skin feels! The Body Shop Shower Cream definitely does it's job. Probably the best body was I have ever used!



Amazingly Moisturizing Beachy Scent


I love absolutely anything coconut scented so when I saw this Coconut Shower Cream I had to have it. The scent is amazing. really amazing! It smells like pina coladas and sunscreen and summer on the beach. It transports you to a gloriously scented paradise every time you use it. Beyond the scent this is an awesome cleanser for the summer as it is super moisturizing and leaves you clean and moisturized and you don't have to slather on any heavy creams once you get out of the shower or bath. You're just ready to go. This is a huge bonus in the summer when you don't want to add a single thing extra to your skin. This does a beautiful job of moisturizing even sun dried skin and returning it to silky glory. This is also thick enough that you can use it as a shave cream in the shower if you like. The suds are so moisturizing that I just shave with that. Just a bit of the cream on a shower pouf produces masses of bubbles!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Smells great, very moisturizing!


I'm on my third bottle of Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream! I'm usually not so loyal to a cleanser, but I love to use this as a face wash in the shower. Soap is too drying on my face, but this shower cream is not drying at all, in fact it's moisturizing even though it gets into a nice lather. Also, did I mention how great it smells? It's a really natural coconut smell. Besides using it as a facial cleanser, I use it in place of shaving cream on my legs. Again, it is very moisturizing so that after a shower, I don't really need lotion on my legs. I use it anyway, just to be doubly hydrated, but how nice to not have dry skin on my legs from shaving! Funny story: my husband mistook this for hair conditioner, and used it for weeks as conditioner before reading the label and telling me what he'd been doing. Anyway, he kept using it as conditioner because he likes how it moisturizes his scalp! I guess this is a terrific multi-use product, more than I ever knew!

Portland, OR


The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream

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