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Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments - BA-35

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The BA-35 Calculater is easy to use!


I bought this for my Algebra class and so far, I'm impressed. The calculater is easy to use and the majority of my class owns this calculater. The calculater is easy to use and is very portable (I carry it around all day). The calculater also resists from breaking. My last calculater I dropped and it broke. When I drop this calculater I don't expect it to break since it somehow resists that. The calculater is easy to work with and it has never errored. The only thing I don't like is how the buttons are so easy to press making it extremly easy to get a wrong answer. I guess you just have to watch what you're pressing. Also, the calculater is small and the buttons are squeezed together making it (again) difficult to press the correct keys. However, I have not had any issues and do not know of any issues arrising in my class. The calculater was built tough making it easy for day-to-day use. I'm happy with it.


Harbor Beach, MI


My TI Calculator has lasted me forever.


I have had my Texas Instruments - BA-35 for so long I can not remember when or where I got it or even how much it was but it still works the same today as the day I bought it and has gotten me through all my numeric needs. Mostly balancing the checkbook but also use it to do our taxes every year. I would never pay for my taxes to be done and I would check the math anyway if I used an online service because I trust myself and my Texas Instruments - BA-35 to do all the number crunching right the first time. My Texas Instruments - BA-35 survived our fire and even me lending it out to our teens for their math homework. Not that I thought they would break it, more that they would lose it. Someone put a nice dent in it somehow and no one confesses to it but I really did not cxare since it did not effect the Texas Instruments - BA-35 calculator at all. It still works just as great it just has a minor war wound. I hope this thing never stops working. Aslo great because it is solar and has never needed batteries.


Suffolk, VA


For business and finance


The Texas Instruments BA 35 seems very old and outdated. I'm not sure if it's even sold in stores anymore. It's great for home use, but I would not recommend buying this calculator for use at school. For the same amount of money, you can probably get product with a little higher quality. I think this is a calculator primarily for business and finance purposes, both of which I have no experience with. I don't really know how good the functions are for those aspects, but the product does have plenty of accounting and financial functions. The display is kind of unpredictable. Sometimes it's just not clear. The calculator also has worn out really quickly over time. I would recommend skipping this calculator and spending a little more money for a higher level product if you plan to use it in finance, exams, or anything important. Otherwise, it's still pretty suitable for basic level computing needs at home. **BA35**




Best Calculator


In school I wasnt the best student even though I was smart, I was extremely lazy and didn't like to study. However, after I bought this calculator I never failed a math test since. It has every function that you would need in a calculator weather you are in 8th grade or college.  And if you buy this calculator I promise you will feel the same as-well. Pretty much, all you have to do is learn all of the functions and how to use it properly and once you've got that down you can do pretty much anything. The only thing it doesn't do is write the answer down for you! You can put in parentheses, squared, to the third power, etc, etc. Basically, all of the most complicated fuctions. And with this you have everything you need. And if you put atleast a little study time in, and use this calculator to learn how to do those things on your own. So when its test time (if your not allowed to use a calculator) you will be as prepared as you can get! To conclude, this is my favorite calculator and these are the reasons why. Its easy to use, it has all of the functions you need in a calculator (no matter what grade) and it will help prepare you for anything.


Chicago, IL


good calculator


The Texas Instruments BA 35 is a good scientific calculator for school. I used this calculator in junior high and I remember that it worked well for algebra, trigonometry and geometry classes. The functions are pretty simple to figure out, so you should have not have any problems with this calculator. There is also a brief manual that explains all the buttons and corresponding functions. The only complaint I have is that the display is starting to fade (perhaps because I have had it for several years). Since this calculator is solar-powered, it sometimes takes awile for the display to become clear, and, occasionally, the numbers fade or "flicker" a little bit. Other than that, you should have many problems with this calculator. The good thing about the fact that it is solar-powered is that you won't have to every buy replacement batteries for it. That should save you some money in the long run.


Fremont, CA


a very good calculator


I bought this calculator to use when I do my home finances. This calculator is very easy to use and it works great. I have had it for a few years and still haven't had to change the battery. the graphics on the screen are very easy to read and can fit a large amount of characters. This is one of the least expensive Texas Instruments products that i have in my home. The calculator is small enough for me to carry in my purse and it also has has a cover that it comes with that I am able to use to protect the front of the calculator. The downside of this is that i am not able to use it for graphing. The buttons on this calculator are easy to push and they never get stuck or jammed. I have accidentally dropped this calculator from a height of about four feet a few times and it has been able to withstand the shock. I got the same calculator for my son to use during the school year and he says that it is great for algebra class.


Willimantic, CT


Texas Instruments - BA-35

4.3 6