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Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphic Calculator

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TI-84 is easy to use.


Both the TI-83 and TI-84 have become the standard for use in High School math courses. I used this calculator throughout my entire high school career and never had any problems with it. It is very similar to the TI-83, but just has an increased memory capacity and a few other changes. The included USB cable is nice if you want to hook it up to your computer to download games onto the device like so many kids did. It was very easy to use, and usually a teacher would teach you how to use it. But the provided manual does help when you have questions of your own and the teacher isn't there to help you. While it isn't as advanced as a TI-89, it is perfect for the simple equations that are done in math classes all throughout high school. I would recommend this calculator to any person going into high school and are still using a cheaper version of the TI line of calculators. I guess it all depends on price if you wanted to purchase the TI-83 or this 84.


Appleton, WI


TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a great calculator


I bought the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator many years ago. it was required for our Calculus class during high school. Through my years in college, it has been very useful. Keys are nice to press and it is a must need for those who want to continue on with high level math. Battery life is quite long. I've few like I have only changed it a few times in the last 8 or so years. Definietly less than once a year. The sticky grips on the bottom and top of my calculator have gone missing over the years but it is not a huge deal. Overall, I would definitly recommend this calculator. I would actually recommend the TI-83 or 84 over the newer TI-90 series. Though you are able to solve derivatives and integrals with the higher series, as a math student, you should not get accustomed to using calculators solving for integrals and derivatives. These are the skills that you will need in the future if you continue in some type of engineering career.


La Jolla, CA


Worth The Money!!


Yes you may thing this product costs a lot just for a calculator but i have had mine for over 2 years and it still works excellent! This product is not only durrable but it also does a lot of work for you on your calculator that would take you hours to do by hand and next to no time to do with a calculator. Now learning to use something like this calculator can be tricky but Texas Unstruments makes the process easy with the book you recieve and it allows you to quickly learn the functions you will be using on your calculator quickly. This calculator also is able to do calculator to calculator communication so you can get games from your friends! You can also download games and also other programs you would use to make you have to do less work by hand on your computer and transfer it to your calculator which is very easy to do! This calculator also has changable and customizeable face plates to really make it your own personal calculator that can express how you feel and what kind of a person you are! If your going to be in math classes that Algebra 2 or above i would HIGHLY suggest getting this calculator because it will make your life so much easier!


Gilbertsville, PA


TI-84 the world's greatest calculator


This calculator is the best in the world. It has everything you need from a calculator plus things that you don't need. The price may seem a bit too high, but for specific purposes it's worth it. You can even put games on it if you get bored. Not plain calculator games but the types that you get on a gameboy. Like pac-man, super mario, trivia games, all types. I just wish that they made the TI-84 as an app for the iphone or ipod touch on itunes. But that's just wishful thinking. I recommend this for anyone that is taking advanced math classes in high school or college. Also for anyone who has a job like accounting, or any employment that requires hard math. But if you are in simple math I wouldn't recommend this calculator to you for it is extremely expensive. I own three Texas Instruments calculators, one TI-84, then this TI-84 Silver, and the TI-15. This one is the best of all of the Texas Instruments and the best of all store sold calculators.


Everett, WA


Very user friendly calculator


The TI-84 silver edition is exactly the same calculator as the TI-84 except the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition has 3 times the memory of the TI-84 Plus. The TI-84 is a very user friendly calculator that is widely used by many school across the country. Its capabilities are too many to list, but some of the key selling points of the calculator are listed below: It can graph explicit, polar, and sequential graphs. It come pre-programmed with many applications, some of the most helpful deal with financial topics. It has a USB port that makes for easy uplinks to computers or data collection devices. It has the same keystrokes as a TI-83.


Gilbert, IA


Good Calculator!


This calculator is very good for the the average high school student as it does simple functions and it has many applications that work for the advanced placement statistics and the programs are enough for the simple math classes and this is able to be used on the sat reasoning test and it is allowed inside that test so it is perfect and it is also allowed on the ACT this calculator is allowed in most college classes on tests for math but some other calculators of the same brands are not allowed on the ACT and college test so this is not recommended for college. Overall this calculator is worth it as it is very easy to use and it is just like a regular calculator except if you know how to make programs then it is even better since you can solve most complex problems with a program. It also has a lot of functions which is useful for math. Overall I used this for my ap statistics class and my calculus class and it is good.


Pinole, CA


Love it


Absolutely loved this calculator, and all the different derivatives (lol) of it that Texas instruments managed to create (except the TI nspire maybe) very useful for any and all math classes starting from even algebra for its graphing and data organization abilities. Calculus 1, 2, and 3 is when it gets REALLY awesome because you can organize data and also do more complex mathematic computations much more easily. Statistics and finance are the other two categories that would also benefit because of the programs that are already in it. For high school students, the games that can be placed in it via the program MirageOS is pretty useful. Otherwise, the keypad, the different keys, and buttons are easy to navigate through and activate. learning curve is not very steep at all. Eventually, for the larger fanatics, you can start to write your own programs and such taht make the calculation experience that much better.


Pittsburgh, PA


TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator works as well as I'd expect


The Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphic Calculator has very few differences from the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. It's bulkier, and I feel like it looks a little less like a calculator and more like a box. I still enjoyed programming it and such, but it was much more expensive than a calculator of that quality needs to be. One thing that I think comes in handy is that it links more easily with computers, but I personally never used that function. I used it in class, mostly to do basic functions, but I did enjoy playing games occasionally, but the games weren't even an upgrade from the TI-83, just the same basic four. I also used it to do trigonometric functions, but that was just about all I really needed it for. However, I will admit that I used this calculator while I was taking the ACT, and ended up doing really well. If I'd had to do it calculator-less I probably wouldn't have gotten done.


Hastings, NE


Very nice Item


I was required to get this calculator for my freshman math class in high school and so far it has worked very well. The thing that I really appreciate about this calculator is that when you open the back battery cover, there is a part where you can put back up batteries. So if you run out of battery while taking a strictly monitored test like the ACT or SAT, you can just use your backup battery. The calculator also comes with a bunch of preloaded aps and games that you can use.  Several other apps are available to put on the calculator manually from your computer. In addition to that, the calculator is quite durable because I usually have it in my book bag in which I has about 4 other textbooks. You would expect it to break under the weight of all the textbooks but it works fine when i take it out. 


Des Plaines, IL


Very useful ti-84 plus graphing calculator!


I had to purchase a graphing calculator for my math class. I was startled by how much a graphic calculator costs. But nevertheless, I ended up having to buy it regardless of how pricey it was. I wasn't used to all these functions since the last calculator that I used was just a normal calculator with adding, subtracting and multiplication. This graphing calculator can do so much more and even better I could get ahold of some educational applications which can be a fun way of learning in a way.  I love how there's a plastic casing so the buttons don't get accidently smashed and I can also customize the cover with all sorts of colors.  But I wouldn't say this calculator is worth how much I paid for because I don't use all of the functions that much, but it's still a good product if a person needs all these functions and wants to save time. I love the design and appearance of the calculator especially what made me like this product.


San Francisco, CA


Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphic Calculator

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