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Memory Foam Mattresses
Tempur-Pedic OriginalBed Mattress

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I have way more energy during the day.


I LOVE this mattress. We used to sleep on a conventional mattress. I would wake up every morning with lower back pain. I'd get out of bed and walk around like an old lady. Then we bought the tempurpedic. No more back pain. As soon as I get into bed I am instantly comfortable and relaxed. I sleep all night. My husband likes it too although he does complain a little about lack of bounce during love making. But, it hasn't slowed us down at all. I feel fantastic now. Our sheets stay on just fine, too. We bought the pillows but we didn't really care for them. We like down. So I just use them as filler pillows now. I will never go back to springs.




Takes some getting used to, wish we had waited for the cloud


Good price, will last for quite some time. I will say that I disagree with most others when they say it is the most amazing mattress they have ever slept on. As good as a matress as it is, I would say for the first couple of months, I would wake up with a seriously stiff back. Granted it was brand new and as firm as could be, but I was still a little dissapointed. The thing with most memory foam beds or toppers is that they take a bit to break in and then turn into just about nothing. I am satisfied with this purchase because as rough as the breaking in period was, I know that is the end of it. It will remain the same for a number of additional years of use. Ample room for two people and as much as you would believe the commerical where the other sleeping person will not notice you move or get up, it is not true. Look around and if you can get it for a good price, it is a good investment.


Kansas City, MO


Very supportive


We got a Tempurpedic bed just before I had the first of several reconstructive foot surgeries. Knowing that I'd be almost completely bedridden for a minimum of two weeks after each surgery, we knew that we needed to get a good bed. We got a extra long twin Tepurpedic bed to put in the downstairs guest room where I'd be staying. It was pricey, but it was worth every penny. When you are almost completely bedridden and need to keep your feet elevated above your head except when eating, it is very convenient to have an adjustable bed. It also made sitting up to eat much easier. No messing about with loads of pillows, you just pushed a button. Plus the Tempurpedic mattress gave such good support. You really notice the difference when you are spending the whole day in bed, for several weeks. It's nice and firm without being too hard. Family and friends loved that bed (as mentioned, it lived in the downstairs guest room). Now my aunt and uncle and my parents all have Tempurpedic beds for everyday use. They all love them. Firmness Very supportive but also very soft.


San Antonio, TX


Great for back pain!


This is a great mattress for back pain because it relieves the pressure from your back, and also helps you from having to toss and turn. It does not do very well when it comes to side sleeping because there is little support. This mattress is great because it lasts a long time and do not need to replace it for a long while! Overall, it is a great mattress for those who suffer from back pain, knee pain, or any type of joint pain since it helps a lot in that category!




Tempur-Pedic is great product and company stands behind product.


I would give Very Good but I did not get as much relief as I wanted. However, I think that has more to do with my health issues than the product. Comfort I would give Very Good but I found same issue as noted above and again I don't really think this is the company's issue. Support I think it is the good for me but would be very good for most!! Firmness I can honestly give this product a Very Good in Firmness and that is because of the material it is made of, firmness but conforms to your body at the same time. Durability I have had mine eight years and you can't tell it is a day old!!


Pelham, AL


Best rest I have ever had


My husband and I recently stayed at a hotel that put these in ALL of their rooms. We had the best sleep ever. It was a little strange when you first sit on it, it feels firm but when you lay down, you find that is soft but provides #1 support. Little pricey but we are saving for one now. Well worth it!


Denison, TX


sleep like sheep


This is the most comfortable bed we have ever had.Don't end up with back aches neck aches etc. Actually don't really like to sleep away from home as tempur-pedic bed and pillows are the best...We are spoiled!!! They are worth the money...think of it as a real good investment in your health. The memory mattress really makes a differnce and you don't end up with a valley in the middle of your bed.


Sparta, NJ


the most comfortable bed ever.. i love it!


the most comfortable bed ever.. there is no other like it! i wish everone could have one they don' t know what there missing..the first time i got mine my son feel asleep in about less then 5 minutes. i used to have problems helping go to sleep . not anymore. now everyone it are home has one is it the best investment i ever made. luxury!


Joliet, IL


I was dissapointed


I was disappointed with the over all product, loved it in the beginning, however that soon changed, would not buy this product again, and I would not recommend this mattress to anyone. Comfort When we first got this mattress we loved it, but within 3 yrs it was uncomfortable, it was not conforming to us anymore, there were indentations where we would usually lay. we have flipped in and gotten additional mattress toppers but it is never the same as the new one. This mattress was supposed to last for at least ten yrs, we paid 2000 for it and it did not live up to the hype. Support Support was good in beginning, however according to there advertisements you should not feel the other person moving, and the bed is not supposed to disturb even a cup of water when someone moves, you do feel movement of others Firmness good in the beginning, however as the years went on the mattress was no longer firm thoughout, we have dips in it and now always fall into "the hole: Durability when we bought this mattress we were told it would last us a lifetime, I was hoping for about ten years, however a few short years after buying this, the mattress stopped functioning as promised.


Philadelphia, PA


it is amazing


i don't sleep well without my tempur-pedic bed. the way i am supported on it is amazing, it just feels wonderful to lay in bed!!! Comfort there are some days i just don't want to get out of bed and can lay there all day!!! Support the support is great, other than i can no longer sleep on my stomach, as this causes me lower back pain Firmness not to firm, not to soft, it conforms perfectly to my body. Durability it is holding up really well. we have had our temper-pedic for about 10 years and no complaints


Wasilla, AK


Tempur-Pedic OriginalBed Mattress

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