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BedInABox.com PacDown Memory Foam Mattress

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Nice product


Great product.Thank for such a wonderful product




Getting ready to buy another one!


Purchased my first mattress from Bed In A Box in 2011 and my second one in 2015. I did TONS of research as mattresses are not only a rather large expense they are also something you have for a long time. These mattresses are truly amazing. They do not lose shape or sag like pillow tops do. I have had no issues of being warm like other memory mattresses, we are so impressed with this brand that I'm getting ready to pass my queen sized mattress down to my 4 year old just so I can get a king size Bed In A Box!




Great buy for the money and conviennce!


Great mattress for kids, its relaliable and sturdy enough to withhold the daily ewar and tear of a toddler.


Independence, Ks




While it is comfortable to start with, I found it lose that feel within a few weeks. This mattress is built for someone who does not move much during their sleep. The bed eventually forms to your body and makes an indent of where you typically sleep. I, an active and restless sleeper, tend to move around a lot at night, which does is not compatible with a bed such as this one. I would recommend a tempurpedic over this BedInABox any day of the week and twice on Sundays.


Marblehead, MA


I would def buy this again and again.


I totally love this mattress. Bought it a month ago and put it out on the carport opened on the table with a tablecloth on it to air it out on the factory smell. But it still has a faint smell on it. But that is ok as it is very faint now. It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. Very comfortable and cozy. Am buying a twin size for our Grandson and a full size for our Grandaughter. Our backs and hips don't hurt any more while we are sleeping on our bed now. I would definitely recommend it to others for them if they want a really awesome night of sleep. I received a sample of the material prior to buying to see if it was going to feel good enough.


Poplar Bluff Missouri


Love it!


Bought this mattress and when it came in I allowed it to get to full capacity, maybe about 24hrs before I slept on it. It is a great mattress and sleeps very good. not too soft and that's what I like. I flip this mattress every month so it doesn't develop a cavity. Love it!


decatur, al


I would buy this again.


My mom got me one of these as a gift. When it came in a box I was wondering how it was going to look after we took it out, but there was no problem at all it was great and I used it the first night I got it. The price is good and a 20 year warranty is something you don't see very often with this type of bed. I have a sleep number bed(now a guest room bed) and I actually like this one better than I do the sleep number. All in all it's very comfortable and I would buy another one.One thing I do want to make you aware of and that is if you get hot easy when you sleep.. this is going to get even hotter for some of you. They have a cooling pad but some people it doesn't really help. A friend of mine was telling me she literally sweats at night but worth it for the comfort and being able to fall asleep in a short amount of time.Also, understand, like with anything, it may take a week or 2 to get used to it. I haven't had any problem but I have heard others that have had problems with pain in the first couple of weeks of using it but subsided within a few more days of using it.


Knoxville TN


Its very good


This Mattress Is Extremely Good Easy to Lift and move around (It doesnt need hard work or being with physical power) Its Comfy Gives you some good sleep so you wake up in full healthy and nice day You can use it everywhere Your bedroom Quest room anywhere It keeps it shape even after using it for a long time I guess I used to sleep on it 6-9 Months ago it keeps the shape when I purchased Its nice to have one I recommend it to everyone Buy It and you wouldnt regret it tho I have a problem with it It squeaks too much Those voice can be annoying especially when you are the type that moves during his sleep a lot Its Amazing for the guys who has a pain in their backs as its comfortable and its shape gives great feel of resting and relax Was shocked at its price at beginning The price was much too higher than my budget but I managed to buy it lucky for a fine price PS:Sorry for bad english


Irbid Jordan


So comfy!


This is in our guest room and everyone fights over sleeping on this bed. It holds its shape really well and I love the fact that I can move it myself. It came in 1 big, all you do is open it up, lay it out and it puffs up.


Bloomington, IL


i love thhis


i sleep on this every night love my bed




BedInABox.com PacDown Memory Foam Mattress

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