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Teavana Perfect Tea Maker 16 oz

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Great for Those New to Tea


This tea-maker really makes it easy for anyone to start to brew loose tea. The strainer is great, I never have any tea come out into my drink. Even the smallest of tea leaves never go through. The only issue I have is that it is mildly difficult to clean. If the strainer was removable, it would be much easier to clean, but since it's not, I sometimes feel that if I don't remove the tea right away, I struggle to remove all the small leaves. As someone who has grown to use loose tea more and more, I realized that I started to outgrow this specific tea-maker for one with a removable strainer. On another note, the 16 oz, is much bigger than the typical cup of tea (8oz) so I usually use it when I'm on the go and put it directly into a to-go cup for travelling or taking it to class. If I want to enjoy it at home, I usually use large mug. I highly recommend this product to new tea users and those looking for a simple way to brew!



Teavana Perfect Tea Maker 16 oz

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