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Tasco 900x60mm Luminova Refractor Telescope

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One of the best I have ever used to see the Planets fully


**                 Tasco 900x60mm Luminova Refractor Telescope**           I first looked at space when I was in Junior High School and it was pretty good to me at the time.Then I got one for myself to use for a while but as I got older and just too busy all the time I had quit for awhile. Well my buddy was gonna box his up and put it away in the garage. That was when I said we could set it in my living room and open the curtains any time. That proved to be just perfect.           When I set it up and checked it out I was amazed by the clarity. So i read his papers on what all it would do. It has a CD ROM with a 10,000 object database, a moon filter and solar projection screen. The detail lists as follows:           Telescope  -  Refractor           Object lens diameter  -  60mm           Focal length  -  900mm           Focal ratio  -  15           It can be mounted either Alt-azimuth or Equatorial with slow motion movement. It has interchangeable eye pieces: (1.25)H25mm (44x), H12.5mm (72x), SR4mm (225x). Powerful refractor and reflector telescopes to make lunar details crystal clear in space. The 1.25 eye pieces deliver sharp images with wider field and easy on your eyes .Very light and portable makes the Universe in reach. If you like star gazing then this is the one to get.

Zirconia, NC


Tasco 900x60mm Luminova Refractor Telescope

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