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LifeSpas LS7000

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Save time, go here first!


My husband and I really did our homework before buying a new spa. We bought from LifeSpas because they took the time to explain the differences to us (unlike any place else we looked). My husband is an Engineer so he appreciated the technical info. and the demonstration. We've owned our LifeSpa for over a year and we love it. We both agree, its the easiest spa we've ever had. Me? I'm not so technical..we chose the Aqua Last for the low maintenance because we both have demanding careers and haven't had a bit of trouble. Save time, go here 1st!

Pasadena, CA


LifeSpa Model LS7000 - A very good bromine spa


The LifeSpa  (Acura Spa Systems) Model LS7000 is a very good bromine spa.  It is a bit pricey but well worth it.  The company provides incentives to help reduce the cost and you get a very good spa.  The bromine usually has to be ordered from LifeSpa; however, in comparison to other pool and spa retailers, this one is comparable in price for products.  I was a little dissapointed at the people who set up the spa.  They used all the bromine that came "free" with the spa which they only needed  portion of it.  I would recommend this spa but stand ready at set up to let them know they don't need to use all 4 bottles of bromine.  The actual amount is listed in the instructions so clarify before set up to avoid this problem.  The spa stays clean if the cover is kept on it properly so you don't have to change the water that often.

El Monte, CA


LifeSpas LS7000

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