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Target Home Bath Towel Sets

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Swamp Thing


Target's At Home towels are soft & the colors are gorgeous but with the Gordal Olive color I chose, I look like I crawled from a swamp after I use them! I am covered in lint & so is the tub & bathroom floor. Brushing it off is deceiving - the minute I apply body moisturizer more lint rolls off me in wet gobs! I have to clean the bathroom floor twice after geting out of the shower. Even after washing & then stopping the dryer 3 times to clean out the lint tray, they still produce tons of lint after bathing! Love the softness of the towels & the color, hate being covered in lint!

Tucson, AZ


soft as a teddy bear


I bought these towels in February 2006 and almost returned them immediately. When I opened the cellophane package, the towels reeked of something that smelled like insecticide. I washed them all immediately, and after the bad smell was gone, I just loved how they felt. They reminded me of soft, fluffy, oversized hotel towels. In our household, we have used these towels almost daily, and they've received regular washing. Now, not even a year later, they are almost ready for retirement. The edges are in tatters and the entire surface of all of the towels show loose threads. So, while I have enjoyed them, I can't really recommend them unless you are looking for a short-term solution (like buying white towels to use while you decide what color you really want when you re-do the bathroom!).  

Fairfield, CT


Target Home Bath Towel Sets

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