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Target Diaper Rash Creme

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great diaper rash cream for the price


The target diaper rash creme works great on your babies rashes and is just of good of quality or better than other more expensive brands sold.  This diaper rash creme is gentle on your babies skin and quickly relieves pain from the rash.  It works fast at relieving the rash and helping it heal quickly.  It is great for all skin types including sensitive skin.  It doesn't have a strong smelly odor and it is very creamy and easy to apply and rub on the skin.  The creme stays on and is long lasting.  It is easy to remove from the tube and is of the perfect consistency.  It has a light fresh scent to it.  This diaper rash creme is much more affordable than many other diaper rash cremes that are sold and it works just as good as any other diaper rash cremes I have used.  It is sold by the tube and it is about half the price or better than other comparable brands such as desitin or a&d ointment.   

Woodland, CA


Bad Reaction to Targets creamy diaper rash ointment


Avoid the blue tube. I am not impressed at all with it. It goes on nicely and spreads evenly, however, both my boys had a reaction to it and a very painful one at that. About 15 seconds after applying it, they both started screaming and dancing around pulling at their diapers. I obviously knew they were in a lot of pain and had to get the offensive product off their bottoms and apply something different. They both had slightlyred bottoms at the time, from drinking fruit juice, but nothing particularly nasty. So their reaction to the product was quite disconcerting.Interestingly enough, we have had no problem using Targets purple tube simply named "diaper rash ointment". It is more like lotion and can drip off your fingers before you get a chance to apply it. I also don't think it does the job of a product like Desitin, but to save money, I will use it for everyday use and use the Desitin when they actually have a diaper rash.

Omaha, NE


Target Diaper Rash Creme

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