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Tupperware Tumbler

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Wonderful Cups!


I love the Tupperware tumblers! I have the childrens tumblers, with the sippy lids, and I have some of the new style ones, and some of the older style ones! And I love them all! They do stain easy, but just soak them in water with a little bleach, and that always works great for me. I do not put these in the dishwasher, because I think it fades them too much, but I know a bunch of people that do! But it does make them fade faster. I think there is a plastic brightener that you can buy to brighten them. I use these cups all the time. I love the kids ones, although my kids always chew up the sippy lids, I am always buying more. I love these tumblers for everyday use, they are not very dressy and so I don't use them for special dinners or when I have company, but for family use around the house they are wonderful. And of course if one breaks or something they will replace it for you. I give this product five stars!



My Tupperware tumbler's haven't worn well.


I am a bit disappointed with my tumblers from tupperware. Yes, I have had them a long time - like 15-20 years, but they have shown wear long before now. I have two sets on light blue and one cream colored. The cream colored one stained easily, so I didn't like that about them. If you don't use them for juice or kool-aid, they probably wouldn't stain. The blue ones are the oldest and after years of use they have begun to peel around the rim. One also recently cracked right down the side for unknown reasons. I don't know how long to expect them to stay nice, but I would have liked them to be nice longer. I know that they have a lifetime warranty, so I can return them for replacement. A nice thing about the tumblers is that you can get seals for them. They work pretty good, but i'm not sure how trustworthy they are in a lunchbox where they can move around. Now that our kids are older and we don't have to worry so much about breakage, we prefer glass tumblers.

Goshen, IN




***There are some brands of items that just never die - or become outdated for use.***  The Brand that I am speaking of is: **TUPPERWARE, but I'm talking about the OLD TUPPERWARE.**  Back in the 60's, 70's, we had a Variety of Tupperware items. People rave over the **OLD TUMBLERS [CUPS]** in **different ounce-sizes**, from 8 oz. to 20 oz.  TUPPERWARE TUMBLERS also come in a **variety of COLORS**. TUPPERWARE is made of **DURABLE, LONG-LASTING PLASTIC**.    

Oak Park, MI


Tupperware Tumbler

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