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Surebonder Cool Shot Super Low Temperature Mini Glue Gun KD-160

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Low Temp Doesn't Mean That It's Safer or Appropriate For Kids


I have several different glue guns; some of them are used when I make stained glass and some are used when making greeting cards. When I have a small job to do or something that doesn't require a strong glue, this "little green monster" is what I use. It is a mini glue gun so it isn't as heavy as the regular or industrial glue guns that I own and that can be a problem on uneven surface because it does get knocked over easily. You can use regular length or cropped length glue sticks with this but they need to be the mini width glue sticks in order to be able to get them into the melting chamber. For the longer ones you can cut them with a knife to make it easier to use the glue gun. This is the super low temperature glue gun in the series; the highest that this is going to get to when plugged in and allowed to heat is 170 degrees. That is still hot enough to cause burns so please don't consider this to be a safer version of glue gun. I would not suggest this for younger kids unless you are going to be there every single minute; the glue gun and the glue itself when melted can cause skin burns. I like this for certain craft projects but this doesn't get hot enough to melt some of the glue sticks that I have. I works for certain types of fabrics and with most papers, card stock and cardboard but if you need a strong glue for wood or plastic I suggest getting a heavy duty glue gun and the companion heavy duty glue sticks.



Surebonder Cool Shot Super Low Temperature Mini Glue Gun KD-160

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