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Bubble Maker
Sunshine Bubble Stick

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Sunshine Bubble Sticks Is Blow Bubbles In A Colored Stick


My grandkids love to play with blow bubbles. You know the kinds like we played with when we were young. They have these new ones out now that are not in those short containers with a wand. These come in long plastic see-through tubes which are in bright colors like baby blue or a pretty pink. I have both colors here at my place and the grandkids love these. Each tube is filled with your blow bubbles and they look almost like sword to the boys. They just love the shapes of these is all. The caps will unscrew so they can pull out these flexible long white plastic wands that are attached to the caps. This helps to create hugh bubbles for the kids. The caps are a darker color of the blue or pink than what the tubes are. All I can say is fun stuff that they should have had available years ago.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Sunshine Bubble Stick

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